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cap, captain miss america

Oatmeal is one of my favorite quick cold weather foods. Also it is cute when it smiles at you.

(Giant Bowl of Oatmeal)
Panel 1: (Little Tea and bowl of oatmeal)
Oatmeal: Eat me?
When I was little, I never appreciated oatmeal
Panel 2: (Big Tea stuffing face with oatmeal)
Oatmeal: Slow down! You'll choke on me!
Now I eat it all the time!
Panel 3: (Tea with ingredients)
Tea: Here is how I make it!
Bowl, Rolled Oats, Milk or Oatmilk, Salt
Panel 4: (Tea pouring ingredients)
Pour oats and milk into bowl until milk covers oats
Panel 5: (Tea sprinkling salt)
Add teeny tiny bit of salt.
Panel 6: (Tea holding egg and butter)
If you eat eggs or butter you can add an egg or pat of butter.
Panel 7: (Microwave)
Microwave: DING!
Microwave for two minutes.
Panel 8: (Tea and happy bowl of oatmeal)

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I like my oatmeal with a gratuitous serving of brown sugar. I eat oatmeal...often. Even when it's hot outside.

Me too! But once it gets cold, I eat more of it.

I am not a fan of the brown sugar on it, though. I like my breakfast foods savory.

I think this came up when I was over and you made cocktails--I'm staunchly in favor of overly sweet foods. It's my curse!

Yes! Sometime I will make you something ooey gooey sugary.

We are sweet oatmeal eaters so I break out the fruit, brown sugar, and the cinnamon.

This is how my mom makes it! I keep wondering if that's why I didn't like it that much as a kid. I like all of those things, just not in my hot cereal!

I'm that way with rice. It has to be salty, spicy, buttery but never sweet unless it was actually rice pudding.

Oh, definitely same here. Though rice pudding is awesome.

I am obsessed with Lebanese rice pudding (my grandmother's recipe was apparently not a traditional American one) from this restaurant up the street.

Oooh, I don't think I've ever had Lebanese rice pudding. I am looking up recipes right now. I make a damn good chocolate rum rice pudding, though! I should write up the recipe for that.

Ooh I like the sound of that one.

I will write it up the next time I make it if I remember!

Ditto this one, man. I bake a few slices of green apple, chop them, roll them in cinnamon, and mix them in the oatmeal. Sprinkle brown sugar on top and you're set to go.


We did something like that with Honeycrisp apples last time. OMFG.

Maple syrup. There's a maple sirup (yes, they spell it that way) place in Funks' Grove, about ten minutes from my parents' house, where they make it all themselves. When I was in 2nd grade we took a field trip out there and I got to see how the sirup was made.

I can't stand any kind of syrup except from that one specific place now for some reason. You could do a blind taste-test and I'd know the difference.

But the point of this ramble was that I eat my oatmeal with entirely too much of that sirup and it never, ever, ever stops being wonderful. Without that in it to sweeten it, I won't eat oatmeal.

edited because I left out a word that changes the placement of things significantly

Edited at 2009-10-20 02:35 am (UTC)


Maple syrup is like something from the gods. I like mixing cocktails with it.

If you go to Funks' Grove, there's a sign up all about the spelling of 'sirup' and why they choose not to spell it 'syrup'. It's like a philosophy.

That's them! One of my favorite places the visit. THe maple sirup candy is so friggin' good. It's like, proof that God wants there to be happiness in the world it's so good.

Now I want some :-( I want to see if it's really better than the stuff we get in New England.

I don't know how good the new england stuff is? I've never had any. I've had Canadian maple candy, though? And it wasn't as good.

Also, if you click around the website you'll find a link to Chapel in the Trees. That's this beautiful little place in Funks' Grove Woods that's got a pulpit and a bunch of rough-hewn benches, logs really. People get married there all the time. Jason and I originally planned on an October wedding and wanted to get married there... my parents vetoed it so my dad wouldn't have to not be harvesting the field :(

Aw, man. That would have been awesome. For a bridal toast you could have sucked sirup out of the trees!

Maple candy as wedding favors! Would've been perfect. Except I would have eaten all of the candy.


No maple syrup is better than the stuff that is made in New England.

Especially not from Illinois! That is just wrong.

That is what I think! But now I am curious.

Wait, wait, oatmeal? That sounds disgusting...and yet intriguing as hell, because I love eggs. Explain this concept to me? Like, what sort of eggs are we talking about here?

Like, plain old egg eggs. I crack a whole egg into the oatmeal while it is cold, and then break the yolk and stir it in really well. It cooks in the microwave with the oatmeal! My mom is Italian and she cooks pastina this way (not in the microwave, but stirring it over the stove) and I grew up on that as a comfort food! It is super yummy.

haha, well I figured egg eggs, I meant like, y'know, the way you described, or hard boiled pieces after it's cooked, or what XD I probably should have worded that one better. I might actually have to try that. I'm always sketch about doing eggs in the microwave though. Hm.

If it is mixed in, it cooks all the way through!

Bwahaha. XD
I think mebbe this my favorite so far. The happy oatmeal! Eeee. X3

The oatmeal is happy because you are going to eat it!

Mmmm oatmeal. Funnily enough I hated that as a kid, but since visiting the US I love it. Why? because your bread is scary, so oatmeal became my substitute. That and bagels.

I do mine by pouring a bit of oatmeal in a cup or bowl, adding a bit of cardamom and cinnamon, and maybe the tiniest hint of sugar. Or just like you, with a splash of salt instead. Then I pour boiling water on to of it, stir it around so the otameal becomes slightly mushed, and leaves it to swell. It's more of a oat-soupy thing, because I can't stand that thick texture. I want mine simmy.

What? What is wrong with our bread?

Look at all that bready goodness! (That is the bakery downstairs from my apartment) Does it frighten you?

I don't like oatmeal super thick, either! I like the gooey bits in the bottom of the bowl best. That is why I like using oat milk, because it gets doubly gooey.

I have to say, I love little Tea's hair.

That is what it really looked like!


little Tea. awesome.

I don't really like oatmeal. but yours sounds de-lish.


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