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Vampire Stoner
cap, captain miss america

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(Deleted comment)
The Patrick Stewart bong is Mere's joke. Actually, it's not even really her joke since it really happened. I think. But I can't claim that one for myself.

awwwww Mere in comics!

If you lived here, you could be in comics!

This explains all the staring that happens in the 'Twilight' movies. XD

That was actually what precipitated the conversation. We were talking about how Edward looked like a stoner.


(Deleted comment)
Oh my god! I think that needs to be a sequel to this one. Do you mind if I snag that joke?

(Deleted comment)
Once I sewed a stuffed leprechaun to my pants. That was awe...oh you mean the other "so."

I am glad my years in the trenches can be spun into comedy gold. Also, thank you, I have an appropriate amount of hair.

At least someone is happy with their hair.

*choke giggle snort* WIN.

HAHAHA. i love this.

i'm an RA and i just had to check out someone smoking in their room the other day. they were not nearly as fun as mere would be XD


stoner vamps for the WIN!!!

"this is my bong. its name is Patrick Stewart!" ROFL!!!!!

"dont mind the bunnies!"

tee hee hee hee

awesome as ever, Tea! love the comics!

(you could do a BRAINS - I mean zombie comic???)

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