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LJ Idol, Topic 8: Reprobate
cap, captain miss america
I wanted to take this opportunity to wish all of my fellow idolers a blessed and holy holiday season. It is very importsnt to remember the real reason why we celebrate at this joyous time of year and to keep the true meaning of the season in our hearts.

(If the embedded player does not work for you, here is a direct link!)


Panel 1: There is a typical nativity scene with the Holy Family and various farm animals gathered around the manger. There is also an inn with no vacancies, free cable, and hourly rates.
The stars are brightly shining.
Panel 2: Again, a typical nativity tableau, with Mary and Joseph looking overjoyed at the birth of their chicken.
It is the night of the dear chicken's birth!
Panel 3: a sad chicken in a nest
Long lay the chicken
Panel 4: The chicken is drinking vodka and smoking a cigarette
In sin and error pining
Panel 5: There is a chicken in a blaze of heavenly glory flanked by trumpet playing angels
Till she appeared, and the chicken felt its worth!
Panel 6: A chicken, riding a unicorn, with an angel and hearts
A thrill of CHICKEN!
Panel 7: A happy chicken and hearts
The weary chicken rejoices!
Panel 8: The three magi and their camel look joyously at the horizon, where a glorious head of a chicken is rising over the hills.
For yonder breaks, a new and glorious chicken!
Panel 9: An angel, falling on a chicken.
Panel 10: a choir of heavenly chickens singing
Panel 11: a hatching egg
O Chicken divine!
O night when chicken was born!
Panel 12: The same nativity scene as at the beginning, but there is a wondrous and bright chicken in the sky. Also, the three magi and the camel are there too!
O night! O holy night! O chicken divine
A Happy Chickenmas one and all.

May the blessed joy of the holiday season be in your lives!

This entry was written for therealljidol Week 8: Reprobate

(Deleted comment)
Chicken's sacrifice for us all is no laughing matter!

Your comics are the best

Awesome! Oh Chicken Divine!!

May the blessed light of Chicken rain down upon you!

CHICKEN is the reason for the season!

I can feel the warmth and love of Chicken in my heart!

I strive to keep Chickenmas in my heart all year round.

The spirit of Chickenmas is alive in all of us!

. . . I love you so much right now.

Thank you for letting Chicken into your heart!

More people could feel this joy if they opened themselves to the love of Chicken!

who is that singing!!!!??? she did a great job!

happy Chickenmas to you as well.

it's a beautiful time.

(fall on your chicken! -but not too hard, they might get hurt!)


(I really like the 'sin and error pining' frame. poor chicken!)

I did the singing! and thanks! It was not my greatest performance or anything but it served its purpose!

Don't feel so bad for the chicken. All the sons and daughters of Chicken are saved now!

(Deleted comment)
Chicken bestows upon you the grace of her heavenly pecking!

(Deleted comment)
I would like to point out how I am not laughing at all in that musical selection.

I did, in fact, note that.

Love! You have a very nice voice (presuming that's you singing).

Thank you! It is me singing!

I remember my chicken card a few years back! It was loverly *_*

Aha! I forgot about the chicken card!

*GIGGLE SNORT* omg, love it, looooooooooove!

Chicken is disappointed that you find Her holy blessing to be a laughing matter but She says that She will forgive you in Her unending mercy because love is the true spirit of Chickenmas.

Chicken says that the glory of Her joyous arrival is not funny!

*laugh* Cute and good voice. :D

I owe my singing to the graciousness of Chicken who made me a vessel of Her Chickenly Work!

Entertained :D

Great singing!

I owe my talents to the supreme goodness of Chicken!

Chicken is disappointed that you laugh at her heavenly power and hopes that you see the light of her true wisdom soon.

You are twisted, madam. Most supremely.

Thank you. I owe it all to opening my heart to Chicken's love.

I find this okay, even though I believe that it is by goose alone that we are saved.

I'm sorry, but I can't be friends with someone who thinks that goose is equal to chicken.

I've been singing this song for days now, because tis the season.

O chicken divine.

Gloria in Excelsis Chicken!

Wow. You put so much effort into these, it's incredible :)

Ahahahaha thanks! I was a little worried people would be annoyed that I didn't technically "write" anything of my own this week, but I am glad I took the risk.

Also of course I am guided by the divine wing of Chicken.

Edited at 2009-12-21 04:06 am (UTC)

This was so funny I had to read it to my husband. We both were in fits of giggles by the middle, and I still have tears of mirth in my eyes.

Thank you! Chicken is pleased to know that Her Word is spreading!


Chicken rejoices to hear your delight in Her Heavenly Presence!

This was great - as usual!

Happy Chickenmas!!!

(P.S. I added you to my friends list, if that's OK - your comics always make me smile!)

Of course it is okay! I love having people read my comics! Thanks!

Happy Chickenmas to you too!

Chicken is pleased to see how She spreads joy to mere mortals!


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