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Comic: Washington and Tesla: A Love Story
cap, captain miss america

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HAhahahaha! I believe "What would Martha say?" is the only reasonable response to a lot of /fiction.

And I believe the correct answer is "Is there room for me in that sexy man-sandwich?"

That too. Well, sometimes. Other times it would just ruin the moment...

I like to think that this is young, sexy Martha. Which means it is ALWAYS appropriate.

OMG that's an amazing article. I'm glad that my fellow museum folk do great things for the sexiness of this country.

(Deleted comment)
Yuss I was so excited when that came out.

I got really excited about this until I realized you meant George Washington and not Washington Irving.

But I still approve of Tesla getting some.

That is because he is a sexy sexy scientist.

Tell Destiny she needs to buy me a Washington Irving finger puppet and then I will make this happen.

Okay! Will do. I will research this.

Oh boy! I would like a Washington Irving finger puppet.

Sadly, I did not find Washington Irving in the Magnetic Personalities Collection. :(

Maybe you should make a request to them to add him!

Well, I do like Hannah Arendt and Puccini. So I guess that's okay.

Ooooh. Those are some exciting folks there.

Thank you for your service to this great cause!

TESLA!!!!! I have a print of Kate Beaton's Tesla comic in my cubicle at work. XD HE IS AWESOME.

And I love your version of events! The greatest romance of all time indeed!!

This really happened! At New Year's!

Hahaha yaaaaay!! That sounds like a good New Year's!

I think I need to print this out and put it with the other comic! Tesla comic shrine!

Oh god if you like Tesla comics I have a ton in my journal. Like this one. Only I didn't tag them all because I am dumb.

As much as George loves Nikola?

I don't know, that is quite a lot

Also Martha would have something to say about that.

Or I could steal her for myself

This is no laughing matter! Martha is very put out!

Poor, poor Martha.

Nikoli can make it up to her by taking another time trip to bring her Eleanor Roosevelt.

edit: I just realized you need a Twain puppet to replicate this icon.

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Their love is so 19th century!

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