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LJ Idol Week 12: “I Don’t Care About Apathy”, What I “Should” Care About, But Don’t.
cap, captain miss america


(Note: everything is done in very simple black and white line drawing with no shading or coloring. It is a very narrow line and very clean, no hatching. It's slightly more detailed than my usual style but still cartoony)

RAIN (The title is decorated by a raincloud)

Panel 1: A classroom. There is a bald man with a mustache at the front of the room in front of a blackboard that says "The Holy Spirit" and a poster of a happy cartoon Jesus on the wall.

Teacher ("Mr. C"): Boys and girls, as your confirmation draws near, we're going to spend more time talking about The Holy Spirit.

Panel 2: Mr C is pointing at a raincloud that is apparently magically floating in midair. Just go with it!

Mr C: The Holy Spirit is like rain.

Panel 3: A flower bud, getting rained on.

Voiceover: It touches everything in the world

Panel 4: The flower again, now bloomed.

Voiceover: And makes it grow in a different and beautiful way.

Panel 5: 13-year-old Tea, sitting in a desk, raising her hand. There is a Bible on her desk.

Tea: Mr. C.?

Panel 6: Mr. C

Mr C: Yes, Tamara?

Panel 7: Tea looks confused.

Tea: But doesn't rain sometimes drown people?

Panel 8: Mr. C looks very disapproving. He doesn't say anything.

Panel 9: Tea looks worried.

Tea: What?

Panel 10: Mr. C still looks disapproving.

Mr C: I think we both know that was uncalled for.

Panel 11: Tea is sitting on the sofa at home, reading. There is a thunderstorm out the window.

Thunder: BAM! KRCCK!

Tea: Mutter mutter touches everything blah blah.

Panel 12: Tea looks up from her Bible. There is a big flash in the window.

Flash: FLASH!

Panel 13: The doorbell rings. Lightning strikes outside. Tea looks surprised.

Lightning: ZAP!

Doorbell: Ding Dong

Panel 14: Tea from behind, as she answers the door.

Tea: Hello?

Panel 15: Tea's friend, in a rain slicker, in the pouring rain.

Friend: Hi!

Panel 16: Friend again, with hands up.

Friend: Do you want to come outside?

Panel 17: Tea puts her hands on Friend's shoulder.

Tea: But it's're soaking!

Panel 18: Close-up of Friend.

Friend: So?

Panel 19: Friend holds a hand out to Tea.

Friend: I don't care. Do you?

Panel 20: Tea and Friend walking around outside in the rain and lightning.

The end!

This entry was written for therealljidol Week 12: LJ Idol Week 12: “I Don’t Care About Apathy”, What I “Should” Care About, But Don’t.

This round is also an Intersection! My partner is cacophonesque. You can read her post on "Moments of Devastating Beauty" HERE

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It was a pleasure working with you!

Also, I love dancing in the rain. It was always one of my favorite pasttimes. :)

Me too! I did it at one of my cousin's weddings once, in a very pretty dress.

I love this. Standing in the rain is one of the closest feelings I have to "spiritual".

Thank you! And it really is, when the water drips all over you and you feel one with everything!

This was awesome! Loved it! :)

(Deleted comment)
It does! I don't really think of it as cleansing, but I do feel like it ties me to the sky and to the ground like a conduit between us!

Thank you!

I say this every week, but I love these SO VERY MUCH.

And every week, I say THANK YOU! It means a lot to me every week!

Yes!!! There are many ways to feel spiritual. P.

There are! And there are also lots of ways to feel our one-ness with the universe!

Awww that was so perfect and sweet but not at all expected or cutesy. Wonderful!!

I'm not a big rain person but I think it's been ruined by Cold Rain and having most of my time in nice summer rain be spoiled by stressing about not getting business clothes wet -- I guess I just have more trepidation about entering the rain but there is something great to when (assuming it's warm rain) you just let go and stop worrying about clothes and hair and can just run around in it.

I really love the sun and sunlight and it's definitely my favorite divine metaphor, even though I'm also terrified of fires and I burn really easily and whatnot. But when it's been dark and the sun comes out, it's not the time to think about UV Rays.

I actually like cold rain pretty well in addition to warm rain, as long as I have somewhere warm I can go after it.

And I agree about the sun. I need the sun to bloom, like a flower!

Thank you!

I think this is my new favorite of yours. I had to go back and study your cartoon three times, and read the transcription once to really get it, to the fullest extent.

I love how yours kind of encompasses innocence and religion while cacophonesque's kind of captures the cynical side. And still they compliment each other extremely well.

Well done, both of you.

I think in both ways, we both deal with innocence, just two sides of it. Oddly enough, as much as I felt ostracized and misled in my church as a kid, I still consider myself a deist now, but that was after not considering that part of my belief system for many years. But I think that it takes friendship and love and lack of inhibition to see an order in the universe, and not the things that I learned in religion class.


Shawshank is so very spiritual. Hope is a good thing!!

Get busy living ...

Aaaaah I love this new twist to your art style! It's like watching art grow up, suddenly we have a teenager and not a toddler anymore. Love it, the best one of your experiments so far.

Thank you! That was sort of what I had in mind. I actually created the art by sketching it in pencil in my usual play-doh-looking style, and then adding layers of detail on top of it. So they are still modeled on the same shapes!

Well done! I love your entries, but this is one of my favorites.

Thank you so much! I do like how this one came out!

I've always equated standing in the rain with spiritual times. Lovely.

I love the rain! It is just such a good reminder of our relationship to the earth.

I enjoyed made me smile. Meanwhile, the background of the 7th panel (is that what it's called?) says "The HO" in the background (since it zoomed in on what should have said "The Holy Spirit"). Anyway, I don't know if that was intentional or not, but it kinda cracked my egg up a bit...;)

Of course it is intentional! "LY SP" isn't nearly as funny!

Ah, the teacher who thinks a legitimate question is an assault on their authority and who, through their reaction to the question, leads all the students to question that teacher's authority! As if just responding to the question with "well, its a metaphor - God's love isn't exactly like the rain in all circumstances, but its certainly like a light or medium rain." I mean, like that would have been such a lousy answer?

I work with a number of teachers who really just hate questions - especially the questions that they aren't swift or bright enough to answer. As if saying "I don't know - but I'll try to find out" is a bad answer.

Anyhow, loved this.

I think a lot of people don't like looking like they don't know things. And they treat kids like when kids ask them questions they don't know the answers to, the kids are doing it on purpose. Not just teachers, but I think we see it the most there since their job is to answer kids' questions.

Aww! That ending put such a big smile on my face :)

Yay I am glad to hear it.

theological questions boiled down... ahhh... good times.

I really like this comic. it's really wonderful.

I remember my eighth grade teacher in 1983 telling the class that AIDS was the wrath of god against homosexuals. it's one of many horrifying moments from my childhood. part of my divorce process with the catholic church... that's neither here nor there...

I think it would be completely fair to say that God's love has occasionally drowned people. like everyone except Noah's family that one time... even though that story in Genesis is not to be taken literally...

I HATE IT when teachers discourage questions... HATE IT.

and, as ever, you are awesome!!! hugs from afar!!! anna

Oh GOD. I am so glad I didn't have teachers who did things like that.

And I would agree with you. I think also that some people get wrapped up too much in God's love and don't see outside of it. That counts as drowning in my mind!

Wow, this is beautiful. You just keep outdoing yourself, Tea! I'm so happy you decided to do lj idol in this way! ♥

Thank you so much! I am having so much fun doing this!

(Deleted comment)
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