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Let's talk more about appliances!
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Poll #1780018 Laundry Machines

My primary clothes washer/dryer is located:

In my kitchen
In my basement
In my garage
On my porch
In a special closet or room just for the laundry
In another room or hall of my home
On a hall which I share with other apartments/homes
In a basement or garage which I share with other apartments/homes
In a special closet, room, or building which I share with other apartments/homes
In another communal space which I share with other apartments/homes, such as a kitchen or rec room
In a laundromat
At a laundry service where I pay someone else to do my laundry
Different answers for washer/dryer
Something else

I pay for my laundry

Not at all
Only in the sense that I pay for hot water
With coins in a coin-op washer/dryer
By paying someone else to do my laundry
Something else

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I live in a trailer, so our washer and dryer is in the hallway between the kitchen and my bedroom. Though I prefer to think of it as less of a trailer and more of a footloose & fancy free home! It did come with a washer & dryer, though, so we just pay for the water (which is about $20/month/person for water, sewage and trash pick up).

Nice! In New York City, in most apartment buildings, hot water is figured into your rent, so once you're paying the rent, everything but gas or gas and electric is already paid for. My current building, my only additional necessary bill is gas.

Oh, wow. We pay two utility bills on top of rent: electric and water/sewage/trash. And Internet, which is not a utility but a necessity. But I still only pay about $350 a month at the absolute worst time (when the electric bill is so high due to heat).

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Yeah, I pay for cable/internet/phone (it's a single bill), and everything else is included in my rent. I also pay a $25/month air conditioner fee, which is fine, since it's less than the electric would be if I were paying it myself in the summer.

To be specific, a converted closet off the kitchen/breakfast nook. And the landlord pays for the water, so.

Depends on how you feel about having the landlord live above you :) Works for us, though.

I just recently got a washer/dryer in my apartment. They renovated my place and converted a storage closet on the patio to a washer/dryer closet. Apparently that's common in California (the washer/dryer being on the patio)? I thought it was odd...but sure beats the laundry facilities we used to have!

Yeah, I know a few people who live in warmer places who have theirs on their porch. Nobody with one on a patio, but I guess it makes sense!

I picked coins, but our dumb apartment complex switched to a cash only laundry card system where you have to trudge all the way to the office to load money. The machine only accepts fives and tens, and only OLD fives and tens. It will not accept the new bills for no reason.

I dislike sharing a laundry facility because I can't do laundry on my own schedule, but our apartment is right next door to the laundry room. It helps heat our apartment in the winter and it's nice not to lug our dirty clothes across the complex. The downsides are that the spin cycles shake our apartment, the door slams a lot, and there are lots of passive-aggressive notes posted about not touching other peoples clothing and etc.

Uggh, that system sounds super annoying.

Our laundry is in the basement, and the most frustrating thing about it is that it closes at 8pm. Since I don't get home till 6 by the earliest, doing laundry is a race!!!

we don't use coins we use cards. you fill the card with your debit card whenever you want. I only fill it up to $20 because if I lose that it won't kill me. XD

I didn't even know card operated washers/dryers existed! But two people so far have them.

My dorm during my undergrad had laundry rooms operated by card!

We have them in our apartment building basement.

To clarify the Something else:

I rent the washer and dryer from my apartment complex. So, while the water is included in the rent, the washer/dryer is an extra $15/month.

Though, on rare occasions, I'll take the laundry up to my parents' house (about 1.5 hours away) because my mother has this sick fixation that, at 31.5, I'm incapable of doing my own laundry. She used to come over and do it and my dishes while I was at work. Thank God she got a job. o.O

Oh, nifty. I would totally rent a washer/dryer if I could do so.

And omg I think I would die. I bring my laundry to my parents' house sometimes but it's mostly because there is a very limited time when I can do laundry in my building so sometimes I have a couple weeks where I just can't do it.

Tea Berry-

virtually all of the apartment complexes in albany, harrisburgh, troy, schenectady, springfield,etc. that I have seen are using cards and not coins.

The reason is simple- the machines were being broken into for the coins OR the change machine in the laundry room was being broken into.

This saves the machines and gives lost card money to the landlord!

I have never seen one! Either my neighbors have always been too honest or my landlords have not been able to afford this!

(Deleted comment)
Yeah, once in a while I get fed up and go to the laundromat, too! something else - our washer/dryer is located in a little shelter located off of our carport - we just refer to it as the "storage area", since that's mostly where we keep the lawnmower/bikes/hoses, etc. - but it also houses the electrical panel & hot water heater for the house (which is located between the washer and dryer in a corner and is actually in violation of a building safety code). But it's not quite a "closet" and it's not quite a "room", as it's not indoors, nor insulated, nor part of a garage or basement...but we carry the laundry outside to load it. It's a rental home, so the space is all ours...which is good, because we use all of it. We pay electricity/water/sewage/gas as separate utilities outside of the rent.

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Exciting! It's like an outhouse for laundry!

Laundry is next door, closest I've ever been. I hated when I had to drag my laundry to the basement. In undergrad, we had laundry cards which you put money on but here we used to use cards until the system got glitchy. Then they just decided that laundry was 'free'/included in rent

Hooray for included in the rent!

We had a laundry room, but we later converted it into a "mudroom" with a sink and toilet in addition to the washer and dryer.

Excellent! Everyone needs a room for their mud.

Our laundry system is that we have family and friends with washers/dryers, and we use theirs when they are A. out of town and we housesit for them (they give us permission to do laundry), B. visiting and they told us it was okay to use, or C. Jason's best friend has given us his housekey and told us to do laundry literally anytime we feel like, no matter what.

We don't pay monetarily, but we housesit for people, we buy dinner, we cook dinner or we in some way compensate our friends/family for the time/water cost.

Hooray communal laundry favor bartering! That is an excellent system.

You just reminded me that I left my Laundry in the machine :D

Other than that, before we moved here we used a laundromat and paid about 20$ every other week for laundry.

That is how much I paid when I used a laundry service. Now I pay about $6 for coin-op.

We share a laundry room which is in the hallway of our building with other apartments on our floor. Not sure if that counted as "on the hall" or "in a special room."

I cheat and take my laundry to my parents' house. But the complex does have a washer and dryer in a little room off the parking lot, shared among 10 units.

Is 'in my grandmother's house' an option?

I use the laundrymat too, but since I go to Ana's most weeks anyways, I usually just bring it with me. My apartment building has washer/dryer hookups for each apartment in the basement, but you have to provide the washer and dryer yourself. Which I am not going to do.

The laundrymat is coin operated, $3.00 a load and about $1.50 to dry.

Our washer and dryer is in the bathroom. There used to be a separate laundry closet, but my spouse had to do the laundry because I literally did not fit in the laundry closet. When we remodeled the bathroom we had the contractors knock out that particular wall. As an added bonus, the bathroom is now theoretically wheelchair accessible.

Our washer/dryer is in a closet off the kitchen/breakfast nook area. I also pay my sister to do my laundry for me because 1) I don't have time to do it during the week (my mom does laundry on weekends) 2) I hate doing laundry more than anything else and 3) it gives my sister some spending money. We negotiated $5 per load for her to wash/dry/fold for me, which is more than I used to pay at the laundromat but did I mention I DON'T HAVE TO DO LAUNDRY? Yeah, well worth it.

I picked "something else" for both, because my laundry gets done two ways.
One, in a shared communal space for my apartments, in which I pay with coins.
Two, my mom and I do a lot of my laundry at my parents' house. I don't pay her for the usage because she swears it helps her feel useful in my life.

We have our washing machine and dryer in a cupboard in the bathroom (with a linen cupboard). I like being able to shove all that stuff out of sight :)

I voted "in the kitchen"; there is a bit of wall separating the washing machine from the kitchen sink, but no door.

In Perpinyà few people had washing machines and we had to do laundry at expensive and scuzzy laundromats. I think Spanish law might actually require that flats have washing machines, and I've yet to meet anyone on this side of the border who doesn't have one.

Hello. You posted an article I found interesting in Debunking_white, so I came to your journal and found it interesting as well. I've added you as a friend. I hope you do not mind. (I'll admit I am a bit of a King Features fangirl.)

Of course I don't mind! thanks for adding me! I usually operate on a "if I start chatting with people in comments and like them, I add them" policy.

For the 'something else' in the 2nd question I'm referring to paying for the hot water & perhaps when my washer breaks down & I have to go to a laundromat.

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