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A spreadsheet is a great idea. I might start doing that myself. I host "Spanksgiving" dinner for my family on the Saturday after Thanksgiving every year since my mom and brother and sister-in-law usually all work on the actual holiday. It's my favorite holiday too :)

I used to order a turkey, but I've found that if I hit Fairway on Thursday morning, there is always a nice variety of fresh turkeys available. This works for me, since I don't need to cook the turkey until Saturday morning, and it's also a good time/place to pick up the cheeses for my cheese platter as well as a few other odds and ends that I can't normally find in the regular grocery store.

I still haven't finalized the menu for this year- need to get on that STAT.

This was really interesting. We don't do Thanksgiving here, but I will be making Christmas dinner for us, and even though it's only M and me and the children, it still requires planning :) Thanks for the reminder about buying stuff early... I hate those lines at the last minute!

Even though I never make Thanksgiving dinner (thus far at least) I do love reading about everything you do.

And picture is lovely!!!

Even though we don't celebrate Thanksgiving anymore, I love the list you have and it's full of great tips here! I might probably save this for the future if I ever think of celebrating again.

I love reading about your Thanksgiving prep and planning, and someday I'm going to do a huge dinner with all the trimmings again.

But this year with all the job crazy I'm thinking I might make some stovetop and eat a turkey sandwich. That's about all my brain can process, sadly.

Great read. T-giving is no big deal to me, but your exuberance pleases me. I do love cooking a big family meal at Christmas, however, so you may well be tapped for ideas then. I'm crazy enough to keep the spreadsheet all inside my head, however.

I would keep it in my head apart from the bit where I need to share it with my mom!!!

Thanksgiving wasn't a big deal till I started doing this thing for my grandparents. Now I'm completely in love with it.

I'm not sure what we're doing for Christmas this year as I think we'll be home alone with just my parents and brother. We usually do the whole big Italian Christmas Eve spread with all the fish and fried stuff, and then on the day, we do traditional English Christmas with a roast and Yorkshire pudding. Once we got a goose and I made goose fat mashed potatoes and goose liver ravioli.

New Years, we do a really big thing with a bunch of people, but that's more potluck. We pick a national or regional cuisine (this year I think is Russia) and everyone makes one or two things. I usually do the cocktails and desserts.

I basically kick everyone out of the kitchen and grocery shopping when I cook.

I have to cook pescatarian though, as that's what my brother is doing these days. I'll probably sneak some meatballs in before hand, though. Lamb, veal, pork, methinks.

New years, I'm jealous. It used to be one holiday I kept for myself, but due to outside concerns, I can't any more.

The thought of goose has me salivating.

I kick everyone out of the kitchen, but I need my mother to do the supermarket driving :-P

Mmm meatballs. I had meatballs for lunch today.

The goose was so kickass. That was back when we still did a really huge family thing so we would usually have a roast beef and a roast bird of some kind.

Our New Years is amazing. We've been doing this since I was 18. I haven't gone every year, but since my parents got the house I've sort of found my way back. I think we are doing blini with caviar.

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