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I love Feed. And Burger Wuss (by the same author) has to be in my top ten YA novels ever. I even wrote a short play based on it once. >_>

I saw that book in the back of Feed. I need to read it!!!!

My allergies have been keeping me up lately. :(

I went through this cycle last night where my allergies were bad so I wanted a Benadryl but I knew it would make me sleep and I had homework to do so I was trying to finish it before I took Benadryl, and then it got to be 2 AM before it kicked in so I couldn't sleep and than I couldn't get up this morning AND the class I had was cancelled so I totally could have taken my Benadryl and quit working earlier.

Oh, ugh. I hate when that happens. It's especially infuriating when you get up early after having had no sleep because you have a commitment and then that gets canceled.

Feed was great, but Burger Wuss was even better! I loved MT Anderson when I was in high school. I should really re-read those books. He also has one about a vampire that's pretty good, but I can't remember the name...

I didn't realize he had so many books! I just discovered him from Octavian Nothing.

I really want to read Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, it sounds great :D

It's a very quick read; I'm halfway through it already and it's quite excellent!

I heart those shoes? What brand/make are they? I want to buy them in different colors, if they exist

Clark's, and they were on sale for like $27. They had them in orange and in black with beige/brown trim.

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