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Always happy to get you guys home safe! :D Thank you for the lovely outing! It was great seeing you guys. :)

Thank you! It was lovely to see you and I like our record for doing opening nights together! Although I need to start reminding you to go to matinees the day after the movie opens so you don't have to listen to midnight crowds!!!

I remember dressing up as the Karate Kid for the third movie. >_> I was so excited! This reminds me of that. Love. You look fantastic. Gonna go see it on Sunday!

Oh boy! I didn't know people dressed up for Karate Kid. That is awesome. You must have been the most awesome kid at the movie.

Aww that is so cute. That pink hair just makes people happy.

Effie's appearance really freaked out this younger girl who sat next to me in the theater. Every time that pink eye shadow showed up on screen, she made a little "ewugh". I agree with that sentiment.

Yeah, I thought Elizabeth Banks was great, but I really didn't like what they did with her makeup, which is why I decided to keep to the way I'd pictured Effie in the books, with much pinker hair and while I still did dramatic makeup, I stuck to much paler shades of pink and more glitter. Because I see her more as being all about the pink than being garishly over the top.

Great costume! And I loved the bits with Seneca Crane as well. And everything with the Gamemakers, really, I thought it was great to get to see all of that. One benefit of a movie not being first person.

Man, Jess (my Jess) and I must be the only folks that didn't like it. I found a lot of things about the flick amateurish.

I did like however the (intentionally funny) "THAT'S MAHOGANY" and the (unintentionally funny) bit where Peeta's made up to look like a rock.

I definitely have more criticisms than just the one thing, especially technically, but I have learned to completely turn off the film student part of my brain or I don't enjoy anything :-P It was by no means an incredible film. Still, overall, I found it enjoyable.

I'm not sure the judgmental part of my brain actually turns off.

I did enjoy not having to pay to see it though, so that's a plus!

I'm a bit curious as to which major character moment you are referring to, but I can appreciate you not wanting to spoil for those who haven't seen in.

I don't mind doing it in the comments: at the end, when they make the rules change announcement, Katniss raises her bow and aims at Peeta without thinking about it. It is a huge moment for her as a character because it underlines her own instinct for survival and is the moment when she really realizes how sincere Peeta is. Up to that point, she idnt sure if his sincerity and naievety is an act. In the movie, it doesnt happen.

Haha, sorry!

For me, it's one of the most gravitas-inducing moments in the book, so I was a bit disappointed not to have it in the movie.

No, no, nothing you have to be sorry for, I completely agree with you, having read it just now. And I don't mind being spoiled.


Thanks! It was super fun.


2) Want to see the film bits!

3) Totally agree about Seneca Crane which I really really enjoyed!

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