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I've never been arrested, but on the flipside of being George Zimmerman, I was once instructed after being the victim of a home break in while home alone to next time "buy a gun and shoot to kill." I was incredulous when the cops gave me that advice and instead told them that I would absolutely not be doing that. (This is an old story I tell a lot, so apologies for the thousandth time of recounting it)

I can't believe the "I am Trayvon Martin" thing. White people need to step off some times.

I think it's meant from a place of trying to sympathize, but sometimes we need to accept that no, we actually can't, because we will never be in that place.

I've never heard that story before, so all cool! I know there are some people who feel they should do that, but that would have made me feel very uncomfortable too.

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