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TRUTH. If someone tried to character assassin me, all they'd need is one LJ entry to get a gallows permit. Why is it so goddamn important to these lunatics to discredit dead kids to justify murder? It's sick as hell. How the hell are we teaching people that a life isn't as valuable if they're not white?

Can I reblog the threat you got so people see it and there's a copy in case the asshole deletes it?

Sure, feel free.

And yeah, I think plenty of us have done stupid kid things. No kid deserves to die for that. And this kid...did all the things you're suppose to do to defend yourself. How does that make him the bad guy?

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My play was produced when I was fourteen years old! I don't think anyone even thought of videotaping it; this was in 1992 so I don't think people really did that very often then.

Plus, even if I had one, it wouldn't be ethical to put up a video of people who had not agreed to have their likenesses posted on the internet. And definitely no one knew what the internet was then.

I'm absolutely disgusted that Zimmerman hasn't been arrested. At this point, it's been a month. There is no longer any evidence from the scene that can be recovered. The Sanford police pretty much made it impossible to prove his guilt.

When I talk about racial issues on my blog, it’s largely because I have friends and family members who are people of color, and that to me means:

1) I want you guys to know you are not speaking into empty space.


2) When you love people, you support them.

Me too.

and me too to the rest of it. Both are utterly appalling and so very telling.

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