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Oh no! I didn't know Alcatraz was getting canceled! :( Damn it!

Fringe is apparently very close to the chopping block too. I am crushed.

Oh hell no, they cannot cancel Fringe!

Though I will admit that I'm not 100% on board with the way the plot is going. It does make sense if Peter 'never existed' to keep the time line but I wanted a reset. I wanted this time line to disappear and for our old one to come back!

I'm okay with what is going on, but I thought this week's episode was kind of boring.

There's a lot of speculation one way or another on Fringe right now-- it is getting the lowest share of Fox's scripted show audiences. I am hoping that they renew it for one more season, just to wrap up the plot; I hate when shows end with no wrap up (read: V)

Seconded. Still need to watch this past Friday's episode though!

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