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I always have to double take whenever I see my name as belonging to someone else a bunch of times, but it's exciting to see some perspective from the other side of the "liquor pimp" game (I am going to use all the awful things I heard on my awful rebound job to the fullest).

What gin would you compare the gin to?

I have maintained, since last I was in your neck of the woods, that white dog should be the next vodka in this country. I fantasize about seeing whole shelves of it in bars, a la ABSOLUT poopoo/lemon/hotdog or whatever else. Make me tired of it, jerks!

Haha, yeah, there was this moment where I invited Nina to one of the events and she did a little double take before she understood that I wasn't talking about you.

Scott is really pushing the Mosby's as a replacement for vodka, and it works very well for that; it has a fuller, richer favor than most vodkas.

The gin is a toughie-- the closest thing I can compare it to the Berkshire Mountain Ethereal batch #4, which was their previous batch (the yellow-green label batch) and batch #5 (purple label) is nothing like #4. They both have this nice smoke with a hint of sulphur although it's not as forward in the Catoctin gin and Catoctin has a bunch more herby botanicals that taste a little more like what you'd get in a white absinthe if you took the liquorice out. The gin is probably my favorite of their products-- it's challenging to mix with but not TOO challenging. They tend to compare it to stuff like New Amsterdam but I think they're doing that to go for the "we can win over vodka drinkers" comparison; I find New Amsterdam to be a bit boring-but-serviceable and would not make that comparison myself.

Most of my infusions are white dog infusions; I love that stuff and I think it gives infusions a richer, fuller-bodied flavor than when I use vodka. Although there are definitely a few newer American vodkas that I have become fond of. I mean, I'm not going to go out of my way to use them but they are fun to play with.

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