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(no subject)
cap, captain miss america
what does it mean when you won't shut down your computer to install jaguar because you want to wait for bar italia to end?

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It means you have good taste in music. ^_~ I love this song!

Now if you can stand
I would like to take you by the hand, yeah
And go for a walk
Past the people as they go to work, oh

Let's get out of this place
They tell us that we've just died...


oh move, move quick, you've got to move, come on it's true, come on, it's time, oh look at you, you, looking so confused, just what did you lose, ohhh?


I would also agree that you have good taste in music.

Have you heard "Parent Teacher Association" or "Ladies' Man"? Two more that you'll have to play to the end, I promise. Both are b-sides.

Gah, nice icon!!!

Oh, now I really want to see Pulp live again, I haven't seen them live since... 1995?

yeah, i have. we knew a boy in school who was so obsessed with pulp he had an inflatable jarvis doll (no kidding) and we used to spell out f e e l i n g c a l l e d l o v e to him over anonymous IM when we were bored and watch his reaction. also thanks to thanos i got to see the spoken word version of babies on video and the do you remember the first time? interviews.


Inflatable Jarvis doll?! Where can I get one?

Ah I wish Pulp would've toured the US this year... I have, however, seen a video of a show (The Park is Mine).

i don't know. thanos popped his.


How is it? Am I, a recent convert to the WinXP world, missing a lot? Does it have stability and functionality to boot?


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