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how i know people

i decided to go through the people on my friends list and explain as briefly as possible why they're there.

abhor- KiSS
babycola- KiSS, but really from reading LJ
batchix- KiSS
bbkitty- KiSS
beakbaby- KiSS, but really through jessi
beastsbelle- DotG
briarsequinox- sheroes
cognac- DotG
crissykitty- KiSS
deathrockboy- AOL, a long time ago.
docmanhattan- MIKEY!!!!
dootsie- KiSS
eilonwy- LJ
elainemc- KiSS
embyquinn- KiSS
evil_laugher- haha, HPC. wow.
eyce- KiSS, but really through megan
eye_of_dog- KiSS
fangdlamb- DotG
fishmuffy- KiSS
goffchick- vassar
groovyqueen- DotG
happysad- KiSS
jadaze- KiSS
kalavati- DotG
kalliona- DotG
keladry- KiSS
kellygrape- DotG
kiz- DotG
kyd- KiSS
leisaie- sheroes
leviadams- AOL, a long time ago
liret- DotG
lorryl- DotG
mariye- KiSS
minilioness- DotG
misshatter- KiSS
n3koch4n- KiSS
nyao- KiSS
penwiper- DotG
phreakphantasia- KiSS
rhipowered- DotG
rubyschnopps- sheroes
ruthlessly_me- KiSS
saxtonownzyou- DotG
scrappy_jen- through kimiki
seori- DotG, but we were friends on sheroes for a while first
silpi- DotG
tenma_no_kami- KiSS
thereisnotable- DotG
toomuchtoask- DotG
zerbylorr- vassar
zoutadrop- sheroes

the point being, that if i had no computer, i would know THREE of you. woohoo!
Tags: livejournal, people:internet
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