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how i know people
cap, captain miss america
i decided to go through the people on my friends list and explain as briefly as possible why they're there.

abhor- KiSS
babycola- KiSS, but really from reading LJ
batchix- KiSS
bbkitty- KiSS
beakbaby- KiSS, but really through jessi
beastsbelle- DotG
briarsequinox- sheroes
cognac- DotG
crissykitty- KiSS
deathrockboy- AOL, a long time ago.
docmanhattan- MIKEY!!!!
dootsie- KiSS
eilonwy- LJ
elainemc- KiSS
embyquinn- KiSS
evil_laugher- haha, HPC. wow.
eyce- KiSS, but really through megan
eye_of_dog- KiSS
fangdlamb- DotG
fishmuffy- KiSS
goffchick- vassar
groovyqueen- DotG
happysad- KiSS
jadaze- KiSS
kalavati- DotG
kalliona- DotG
keladry- KiSS
kellygrape- DotG
kiz- DotG
kyd- KiSS
leisaie- sheroes
leviadams- AOL, a long time ago
liret- DotG
lorryl- DotG
mariye- KiSS
minilioness- DotG
misshatter- KiSS
n3koch4n- KiSS
nyao- KiSS
penwiper- DotG
phreakphantasia- KiSS
rhipowered- DotG
rubyschnopps- sheroes
ruthlessly_me- KiSS
saxtonownzyou- DotG
scrappy_jen- through kimiki
seori- DotG, but we were friends on sheroes for a while first
silpi- DotG
tenma_no_kami- KiSS
thereisnotable- DotG
toomuchtoask- DotG
zerbylorr- vassar
zoutadrop- sheroes

the point being, that if i had no computer, i would know THREE of you. woohoo!

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I've always wondered: how come you havn't added me? I'm a KiSS artist. I don't mind if your list is too long or anything...I'm just curious. Don't feel you have to add me now. :)

i don't know if you've ever read my lj userinfo page, but i was going crazed trying to find my actual close friends' entries mixed in with all the other entries that were on my friends page. so i put upa little notey that says i'll only add people who i know elsewise. doesn't mean i won't add you eventually, but i haven't had a ton of significant contact with ya at this point. if i do, like idid with kikka (who i added completely because of conversations we had on lj) then i'll add you on. but yeah, it's cause the list is too long. don't worry that you're missing anything, the only things i really make private are RPG entries, which i actually make available only to the people i RP with, so you wouldn't get to see them anyway!


I understand. Thanks for explaining it to me; no hard feelings.

yeah, it's definitely nothing personal. i love your KiSS dolls, btw, they're always so unique =D

Thanks! I love your work as well...you're so creative!

I am full of HPC-special-ness.

You know, it's quite possible that you and Docmanhattan never might have met me if it hadn't been for the computer. :)

*commences playing "The End is the Beginning is the End"*



*sniff* i would have found you.

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