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property of foxy, hands off!
cap, captain miss america

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How are you on this fine day?

very well, i thank you.

and yourself?

A bit tired but still peachy. I got all my e-mails cleared out and now can focus on my novel writing.

nifty. are you doing nanowrimo or do you actually write on your own without motivation?

Nifty is my favorite word.

hahaha without motivation. no, way too lazy for that. No I'm writing with nanowrimo. Are you?
If not you should. It's a great source of both stress and creative pleasure.
Or something. All I know for sure is that my main character commited sucide and I refer to my novel as "damn novel".
I do write essays (usually poltics, religous, or Pop Culture themed) for my journal and the occasioanal poem or two for fun so I guess that means something.

Re: Nifty is my favorite word.

i was going to do nanowrimo but i write more than 50000 words a month anyway and i decided it just seemed kind of lame to just do it when i knew it wouldn't be a challenge, especially since i'm working on a huge collaborative project at the moment and nano doesn't allow such things, and i really don't want to get behind on that project for the sake of a new one, especially when it would screw over my writing buddies.

i don't write essays much. mostly i write lj comments. heh.

Re: Nifty is my favorite word.

so what you do write that's more then 50000 words a month?

Re: Nifty is my favorite word.

fiction. mostly collaborative fiction for the past few months. a few books of my own, too. plays. hyperfictions.. that's all that comes to mind at the moment.

Re: Nifty is my favorite word.


I love your new user icons! Especially "wrinkly".

thanks! they're of my dotg char aiko grown up (err, well, at 22). she has this habit of wrinkling her nose so i felt obliged to draw her doing so.

I have that same habit! and a freckle on the side of my eye too.

eee and clearly from your av you like foxies! maybe you're related!

:o Spooky! I do like foxes. The one pictured in my icon is a very special fox from Le Petit Prince.

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