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wow, i hardly ever update my journal with anything like a worthwhile entry. no, i don't have thoughts i want to share. i just like calculating statistics on the act of journaling though i don't journal much myself. interesting, huh? i seem to do that with everything; i have all these lovely statistics listed for dotg, i compare numbers i see everywhere. i wonder if i'm turning into my faaaaaaaaather.

so i guess, maybe a little, i'll update with something more real, even if it is just observations on the abstracts. at least it supposes brain activity and not the sorts of things my computer could do on its own if i left it alone with a script and some free time.

i've decided i like sticking my fingernails over the tip of my nose. they'r ejust long enough right now to cover it completely. i had a little dent in my right index fingernail and it's been fun watching it move up into the white tippy part. for a while i thought it was a permanent thing, but it's moved a good half inch up since i first noticed it.

waiting for a job to come in that i'll be working on this week, i've been reading up on japanese medieval architecture this morning. a bit about senhime, too. man, to be married at six and have an entire tower just dedicated to putting your makeup on. okay, so i'm glossing over a lot of details in that summary for the sake of surrealism, but geeeeeeeez.
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