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100 facts about me

1) my full name is tamara rose victoria fougner
2) if i'd been a boy, my name would be rudyard.
3) my name was going to be gabrielle, until my mother realized people would call me gabby
4) i have dark red hair
5) my hair is insanely curly
6) i have brown eyes
7) i have very long nails-- from the cuticle to the tip they are mostly over one inch
8) i am drinking dr. pepper
9) my favorite color is green
10) i have a six inch scar on my right elbow that looks like either the letters KV or KC depending on who you ask
11) i do not have ringworm
12) i am wearing a magenta sweater
13) and a pink tee shirt
14) my front left tooth has a small chip in the front of it
15) i always wonder about how it feels to people who kiss me
16) i have a coffee-stain birthmark in the shape of a bandaid on my butt
17) i have no tattoos
18) i have one pierced hole in each ear lobe
19) but i never wear earrings
20) the veins in my left wrist make the shape of the letter W and the veins on my right wrist make the shape of the letter K
21) i wear red plastic glasses whilst reading or at my computer
22) at work, i use a mac G4 tower running OS 10.1
23) at home, I use a mac g4 tower running OS 9.2 and an imac running OS 10.2
24) i work at netomat.
25) i am a designer.
26) i am 24 years old.
27) i will have been working here for 2 years on march 9, 2003.
28) i am currently the second-youngest employee
29) i am currently the employee who has been with the company the longest.
30) my birthday is august 7
31) i was born in mineola, ny
32) i was born at 12:21 pm
33) my lunar sign is leo
34) my moon is in virgo
35) my ascendant is libra
36) my mom is a libra
37) my mother's given name is rose of sharon emick
38) my father's given name is john vincent fougner
39) i have one brother
40) my brother's name is nathaniel robert fougner
41) everyone calls my brother nate
42) i call my brother nee nee
43) i call my mother mommy
44) i call my father daddy or da da depending on my mood
45) i like food
46) i stole that fact from n3koch4n
47) foods i don't eat: mushrooms, squash, bananas, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, tomatoes, fake cheese food, canned pasta or meat products, corn, eggplant, asparagus
48) i have really bad skin
49) i'm too lazy to go to a dermatologist for it, so i look like a walking pizza
50) my nickname comes from my mother's old nickname for me, teacakes
51) very very few people call me tamara
52) before i was tea i was called rosey
53) the longer version, tea berry-blue, comes from the berry blue jello product
54) i used this product to dye someone's hair blue in high school
55) i have been called green tea, mint tea, miss tea, tea berry, iced tea, long island iced tea, tea bag, tea cake, tea cup, and in other words, if it's a tea joke i've heard it
56) i have really really bad circulation
57) i like plants but i'm lousy at maintaining houseplants
58) i am fairly decent with a garden, though
59) i live in the city
60) so i have no garden
61) someday i will have a farm
62) then i will have a garden
63) i really want to write all the time
64) i more or less do write all the time
65) i wrote over 20000 words this past weekend
66) and i drew a map of a fictional island
67) and i researched medieval japanese architecture, furniture, shrines, bath rituals, and festivals
68) i had a fun weekend
69) i don't like telephones much
70) i like cats better than dogs
71) i have a cat named jonathan harker, but he lives with my parents because he is an outdoor cat
72) i have neither a driver's license nor a car
73) nor have i ever
74) my favorite book is michael ende's momo
75) i usually tell people that my favorite movies are breakfast at tiffany's and night of the hunter. i'm not sure if this is always true, but they seem like good choices
76) i also love welles' othello
77) i hate olivier's othello
78) i love mikey
79) i live with mikey
80) mikey and i live in new york city
81) we live in chelsea, which is a downtown neighborhood just north of greenwich village
82) i have a stuffy nose
83) i like to draw a lot
84) i'm really bad at character consistency, which is the main reason i haven't done comics
85) my bra size is a 32 f
86) i usually cheat and wear a 36 dd because they're easier to find, even if they wind up hurting my back
87) i usually wear a medium or small shirt
88) my pant size is somewhere between a 6 and a 10 depending on what store i go to
89) i wear undies in a size 5 or size 6, when i wear women's undies
90) i really prefer men's boxer briefs
91) i usually wear a dress size 8 or 10
92) i wear shoes in a women's size 9 or 10, men's size 7 or 8
93) i really prefer men's shoes
94) i'm secretly a clotheswhore but i wear comfy clothes to work
95) i want to prance around in ballgowns all the time
96) i have a very set schedule
97) i prefer working on my computer to social activity
98) i won't go anywhere without fast internet
99) i'm allergic to citrus and might be allergic to honey
100) my left shoulder itches right now
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