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you know you're in trouble when...

so haruspexy and i have been writing events that revolve around a wedding lately, and last night *i* started having anxiety dreams about weddings.

i had this dream that *i* was getting married. i'm not even sure who to, it might have been docmanhattan, but it might not have been, the groom NEVER SHOWED UP in the dream-- and i don't mean i got stood up at the altar...i mean we never actually got to the wedding part.

my god, i never wanted to get married, especially not THAT way, not in a church with the whole la la la stuff, and OH MY GOD that has scared me out of it for good, i think. all the fuss over things like flowers-- there was this whole thing about rosebuds on water trays, and gahhh the hair and makeup and dresses and shit...all these people made a fuss because i was wearing this kind of golden-brown dress and not white, and i finally went mad and teased my hair. and then something got left in the wrong place and i had to go with someone to pick it up and of course a car chase ensued, and then...

well, the other thing was that the video guy hired for the wedding (okay, there is no way in HELL i planned this wedding, no sirree bob) FOLLOWED ME EVERYWHERE FILMING EVERYTHING. and i mean everything, including the temper tantrum i threw at my mom.

anyway, it was whack. i've never had an anxiety dream about something happening in roleplaying before. i've had anxiety dreams about rp problems, and anxiety dreams when my friends i play with are having trouble, and stuff like that. and i do have dreams about rp characters, all the time. but this was an ANXIETY DREAM about ME triggered by an event UNRELATED to my real life that i've been writing about. weirdness.
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