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penis vase
cap, captain miss america
arg, i just started this post and got quite a ways through it, so gar to the lj.

much needed update, anyhow.

this weekend, haruspexy and i organized a trip to the metropolitan museum of art for a bunch of people from sheroes. i also got to meet liret, so all in all it rocked. it was really cool to have people around IRL to talk about DotG with, even if we did wind up sounding like dorkuses. which i'm sure we did. whee!

so the main theme of the day seemed to have been penises. first we went to the egyptian wing, which SUCKED because it was like half shut down and we couldn't even get into dendur, but sara brought a flashlight and looked and hierogrphics and taught us loads about ancient egyptian stuff.

there weren't that many penises there, but then we went to arms and armor. HELLO CODPIECES!! there was apparently a lot of penis envy among european knights. it was great, we walked around looking for things to incorporate into the game...err, well not looking so much as going OH MY GOD THAT'S SO COOL, WE HAVE TO HAVE THAT!!!

it was cool.

but that wasn't even the best bit. THEN we went to the greek wing and made probably the greatest discovery known to man-- THE PENIS VASE!


after that, we left the sheroes folks and sara and i went to fao schwartz for a bit, there weren't so many penises there for some reason. then we went and got crepes. all in all, it was a good day.

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Awwww! I love penises!

Apparently there's a penis museum in Europe. So says Maxim, anyway.

Bless you for including a link to a pic of the penis vase!

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