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pirate tea
cap, captain miss america
i'm very sleepy. but i went shopping today, and i bought


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Noooo, not obsessed at all.

Like the gold shirt. :)

you didn't know me the last time i had a pirate obsession. or the time before, when, i, uhh, took all my furniture (including my bed) and carpeting out of my bedroom, stripped the wallpaper, and hung netting and got crates to keep my clothes in. my parents were kind of frustrated by that, but i was also carrying a cutlass around with me at the time, sooo...

Unfortunately, as someone who built her own Bag End and had the spare room turned into the TARDIS control room, I can't be properly scornful of that.

Going to get yourself a hammock to sleep in?

man, i am so jealous of you. cool pirate clothing--i'm in lovelovelove with both shirts--and you used to have a pirate room. and huge stuffed animals. let's see, my parents get back from louisiana in two days, is that enough time to do a tea and piratize my room?

yes, i did mine overnight in seventh grade. i already had the netting and crates though.

I love you. ;_; And your puffy shirt.

*wants pirate clothes* Those are uberspiffy. Especially the gold shirt. Yay for tea's pirate clothes!

A hat, bad teeth, pegleg, hook and a parrot, and you're set. :)

my hat's at my parents' house, i almost stopped on the way back from the store to buy myself an eyepatch, and haruspexy said she'll get me a parrot.

I have an eyepatch. I used it when I was learning how to fire a rifle.

What are you doing to the crocodile/alligator/thing?!

Pirate tea is so cute! Watch out for that snake!
Also, I saw a guy with an eye patch today.

TEEEAAA!! There is a Pirate doccumentary on the History Channel right this minute.

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