tea berry-blue (teaberryblue) wrote,
tea berry-blue

grar, i don't update enough, really. so now i will. with actual things that are happening to me because that's fun. and not outrage over treatment of marshmallow parodies or photos of me in my latest purchases.

okay, but first i need to sneeze.

i'm going up to boston to visit haruspexy, and liret will be coming up as well, i hear. hee, i haven't slept in a dorm since...hmm, 2000, i guess, because even though i've gone up to visit at vassar several times, i've always slept at people's houses. so this will be an exciting adventure. i feel like a dip, though, because i'll be there for 2 nights and i have packed a bag that i have taken on multi-week-long vacations, mostly due to my packing a zillion snacks and a pillow (most of the bag is taken up by pillow). oh, and loads of movies, more than we'll get around to watching. and dress-up clothes. i would say i'd take pictures but my camera is the one thing i forgot. :P

note: stop at duane reade at lunchtime and pick up a cute little portable pencil sharpener so i can draw on the train.

it's getting warm and that means there are people out on the street in full force. it makes it take so much longer to walk a few blocks and that's really frustrating. and because i'm going away for the weekend, i needed to wear a jacket just in case, you know, and it makes me wayyy too warm.

i'm still in my eternal struggle to decide whether to cut my hair, which has been going on for so long that my hair is now shoulder-length, as i'm sure many of you have noted from my photgraphic journal entries. i kind of want to get a short boy-cut and dye it dark purple. but i'm wondering if i should go to a salon or not, and then it's like, make an appointment, pay someone, erg.

i did snip my nails. they're not short,but...short for me. like a quarter inch short. and very squared-off. maybe i should paint them some cutesy color. i haven't painted my nails in ages.

okay, now i'm starting to see why i don't talk about my life more.
Tags: beauty, life, people:jess, people:sara
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