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and, in an attempt to be EVEN COOLER...

a couple things:

netomat starring maciej

one thing i hate most about the warm weather is that as soon as i'm not wearing eight layers, sleazy men think that they're doing me a favor by telling me things like "whoo! i'd like to squeeze those." where the HELL does the dirty catcall mindframe come from anyway? if a guy comes up to me and tells me i look nice, i'm not gonna let him pick me up, but i'll say thank you, you know? if a guy makes a lewd comment about my boobs-- uhh, what exactly is he trying to get out of that? i'm not entirely sure. i don't really see the appeal in a man who shouts "whoa big tits!" or "hey red!" on the street. the redhaired thing i also don't get, but it's slightly less disturbing than the tit comments. i mean, yes, i know i have big tits. are you trying to point this out to me or do you have a disorder which forces you to vocalize all your observances? i don't know. i wish guys didn't do this-- and while i doubt any guys who do this are reading this, i would like to make a formal announcement:


believe me. i DELIBERATELY cover up to avoid the comments. if you stop making the comments, you might see midriff. keep it in mind.

and now i'm off to boston shortly. whoo!
Tags: life, rants, sexism, work, work:netomat
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