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(no subject)
cap, captain miss america
and, in an attempt to be EVEN COOLER...

a couple things:

netomat starring maciej

one thing i hate most about the warm weather is that as soon as i'm not wearing eight layers, sleazy men think that they're doing me a favor by telling me things like "whoo! i'd like to squeeze those." where the HELL does the dirty catcall mindframe come from anyway? if a guy comes up to me and tells me i look nice, i'm not gonna let him pick me up, but i'll say thank you, you know? if a guy makes a lewd comment about my boobs-- uhh, what exactly is he trying to get out of that? i'm not entirely sure. i don't really see the appeal in a man who shouts "whoa big tits!" or "hey red!" on the street. the redhaired thing i also don't get, but it's slightly less disturbing than the tit comments. i mean, yes, i know i have big tits. are you trying to point this out to me or do you have a disorder which forces you to vocalize all your observances? i don't know. i wish guys didn't do this-- and while i doubt any guys who do this are reading this, i would like to make a formal announcement:


believe me. i DELIBERATELY cover up to avoid the comments. if you stop making the comments, you might see midriff. keep it in mind.

and now i'm off to boston shortly. whoo!

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This is why you need to learn to shoot rocketships out of your nipples. I learned how to do that last month and it really helped cut down the lewd comments.

we're all pigs

That's pretty much it. The only real difference between men is the degree to which we conceal our porcine nature. Some, *ahem*, are a little better at it than others. It is unfortunate that you get called like that - my regrets for the rest of my benighted gender.
But if I don't say anything next time I see you, you'll know why.

-papa bear.

Believe me, I know how you feel. (36DD) Sucks to have to practically wear a burqa if you *don't* want the comments.
and, frankly, I don't give a shit whether all men are thinking it; anyone over the age of 13 has no excuse for *saying* so, and if they grab for anything, they can consider themselves lucky to escape with certain of their parts unmolested.

-Tasha (think Pragmetometer)

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