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playmobils mystery mansion
cap, captain miss america
whee, so i got back yesterday evenin' after an exciting train ride with fire on the tracks. fortunstely the stop was only about a half-hour, and i got a lot of drawing done. unfortunately, i'm now second-guessing all my drawings, i'm not sure if they're the style they should be. maybe i can just go back and shade 'em as they are, or trace them with pen. i really need a light box; i started tracing one of them with paths in photoshop and i think the style is going to be too, i dunno, sterile-looking if i do it that way. the tracing them on a light box might be the best way to go, since they're not really clean enough to do straight scans. hmm, they're expensive, the smallest one is $60 at the cheapest site i can find. gar. the ones that are sizes that are actually useful are $100-$200.

anyone wanna buy me a light box? :D

so, FUN this weekend. we kind of hung out and did a lot of nothing, though haruspexy did attempt to make everyone play poker, which was a spectacular failure since no one else would gamble. i tried, really i did, but i don't like to bet on things unless i'm pretty well convinced i've got a sure thing. she was sort of redeemed, though, because after that her roomie made us play the most infuriating game ever. :D what else did we do? we played clue, which i am actually good at, and it reminded me of this other mystery mansion game i had as a child... i think it might have been called mystery mansion, you build a mansion and there was treasure inside. i was really good at that, too. ahh, yes! here is is! http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=3129303059&category=2530

ahh DUDE and there's an electronic version http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=3022421762&category=3617

i LOVED this game. this, balderdash, guess who, past lives, and masterpiece. oh, and the game of life, but really i just liked having twins.

we also bought LOADS of playmobils and re-arranged the pieces to make them into our dotg characters. liret, somehow i wound up with liret, i thought you had her, so i have to figure out how to get her back to you. when i got home, i bought EVEN MORE so i will have a kit doll and two kids and complete the second-generation seajen clan. plus i bought a bunch more stuff, like a knight and foxies and ALL SORTS OF THINGS. so cool so cool. and a rowboat.

i clomped around boston in pirate clothes, which was fun. we even saw a man wearing an eyepatch, which i can only assume was FOR REAL. the only problem was i think my pants were cutting off my circulation. and i didn't have big clompy pirate boots.

so, all in all, fun weekend.

i have a really stiff neck and shoulder, probably from a combination of sleeping on the floor and on the train, but that's okay. we're supposed to be going bowling tomorrow with work, and i'm not really feeling it, so at least if my shoulder's sore i can beg out. 'course, that might BE why i'm not really feeling it, or something. i can probably go and hang out for a little or something, but i'm not crazy about going bowling right now for some reason.

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Are you handy in a woodshop or have access to one? I have directions on how to make a professional light table. Also... all you really need for a light box is a shallow wooden or even cardboard box with a sheet of milky(or clear) plexiglass over that. Inside the box place a run-o-the-mill flourecent light(one of the long ones, they run about $9 at target) and viola! You have your light table. :3 Other wise... you can always tape your drawings to a window... XB

no wood shop. no tools. i love cutting stuff and all, i used to make all sorts of toys, like bookshelves and stilts, but we haven't got any of the materials i'd need, so the cost of purchasing one is probably not much more than making one, and a storebought one will last longer. and no windows, either, we have to keep them covered since we live on the first floor, and they're barred, anyway, so i'd get big dark stripes.


The smaller one on here is what Dave and I have.. it seems to work pretty well. :3

ooh, thanks! i somehow missed that one.

Hehehe - I actually have a light box. Okay, not a real one - it was a bizzarre recessed-night-light illuminated-Virgin-Mary thing I got for $2 at my local thrift shop, but once I pulled out the cheap Virgin Mary print, tada, dandy little light box. It'd be pretty easy to make one like this - all you need is a large picture frame with glass in it, a nightlight, and some bits of board to make a box out of.

What I'd do before that is tape the sketch and the clean paper to a sunny window. Works okay, but your arm gives out. Other cheating method is a piece of glass across two stacks of books with a small table lamp underneath it.

i thought about this, but the cost of buying wood, glass, a light, and tools, and you're talking at least @$30 anyway if i skimp on materials (as we have neither cutting implements, a hammer, nails, or glue of any kind at present), plus a few hours of locating a wood store, glass store, hardware store, and purchasing materials, and a couple hours of banging on stuff to make it, so i might as well be purchasing a real one, since anything i make isn't going to last as long as a steel box. and we don't have sunny windows here-- we have barred windows covered with double-sheets of canvas because we live in a first-floor manhattan apartment. theoretically i suppose i could scan the pictures in, then tape paper to my monitor. but then i'm having to draw upright, which means the pictures will come out wonky. drawing flat is much nicer.

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