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whee, so i got back yesterday evenin' after an exciting train ride with fire on the tracks. fortunstely the stop was only about a half-hour, and i got a lot of drawing done. unfortunately, i'm now second-guessing all my drawings, i'm not sure if they're the style they should be. maybe i can just go back and shade 'em as they are, or trace them with pen. i really need a light box; i started tracing one of them with paths in photoshop and i think the style is going to be too, i dunno, sterile-looking if i do it that way. the tracing them on a light box might be the best way to go, since they're not really clean enough to do straight scans. hmm, they're expensive, the smallest one is $60 at the cheapest site i can find. gar. the ones that are sizes that are actually useful are $100-$200.

anyone wanna buy me a light box? :D

so, FUN this weekend. we kind of hung out and did a lot of nothing, though haruspexy did attempt to make everyone play poker, which was a spectacular failure since no one else would gamble. i tried, really i did, but i don't like to bet on things unless i'm pretty well convinced i've got a sure thing. she was sort of redeemed, though, because after that her roomie made us play the most infuriating game ever. :D what else did we do? we played clue, which i am actually good at, and it reminded me of this other mystery mansion game i had as a child... i think it might have been called mystery mansion, you build a mansion and there was treasure inside. i was really good at that, too. ahh, yes! here is is! http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=3129303059&category=2530

ahh DUDE and there's an electronic version http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=3022421762&category=3617

i LOVED this game. this, balderdash, guess who, past lives, and masterpiece. oh, and the game of life, but really i just liked having twins.

we also bought LOADS of playmobils and re-arranged the pieces to make them into our dotg characters. liret, somehow i wound up with liret, i thought you had her, so i have to figure out how to get her back to you. when i got home, i bought EVEN MORE so i will have a kit doll and two kids and complete the second-generation seajen clan. plus i bought a bunch more stuff, like a knight and foxies and ALL SORTS OF THINGS. so cool so cool. and a rowboat.

i clomped around boston in pirate clothes, which was fun. we even saw a man wearing an eyepatch, which i can only assume was FOR REAL. the only problem was i think my pants were cutting off my circulation. and i didn't have big clompy pirate boots.

so, all in all, fun weekend.

i have a really stiff neck and shoulder, probably from a combination of sleeping on the floor and on the train, but that's okay. we're supposed to be going bowling tomorrow with work, and i'm not really feeling it, so at least if my shoulder's sore i can beg out. 'course, that might BE why i'm not really feeling it, or something. i can probably go and hang out for a little or something, but i'm not crazy about going bowling right now for some reason.
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