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spring cleaning
cap, captain miss america
hey, guys, just because i feel like i'm in a spring cleaning mood, i removed a handful of people from my friends. if i did this, it's not because i don't like you, but because you haven't posted since february at least. if you'd like to be put back on because you read my journal and want to see friends-only posts (which you know i don't write many of) please just leave a comment here, thanks.

i added anyone whose name i recognized on-sight. if i didn't add you in this sweep, it's cause i wasn't sure who you were from your screen name. again, lemme know if you really really want an add, and i'll add you, but you're nott actually missing anything-- my journal is almost entirely public.

if i read you for a couple weeks and amn't into your journal or you don't post much, i'll remove you. just letting you know now so there's not hard feelings. i try to keep my journal completely public unless i thnk an entry will BORE the public, so that everyone can read it, and i use my friends list only to pick journals i want to read. depending on how busy i am, it's more or less.

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Yay! I'm still there! *done spazzing now*

like i said, i only removed people who haven't posted since february 2003 or earlier. ie, people who don't write anything for me to read.

It's just always a surprise when people keep me on their friend's list... XP

oh, well i can take you off and then add you again if it makes you happy.

Oh yay, and I'm still on too. :D I'm not really surprised, although I was kind of surprised when you added me in the first place. I guess you were pretty bored at that point. :P

(and on a completely unrelated note, I find your userpics all very nifty and cute, especially "cute kit", "princess", and "aiko.")

After a really crappy day it makes me happy to know that tea still loves me! ^_^

I love you too! <3 <3 <3 But I know you are already getting married.

Yeah, I know, but I still love ya too!

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