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1. Favorite HP Book (1-4) and Why?

Goblet of Fire. I just like the competitiony stuff, the characters are less likeable, and MAD EYE MOODY.
2. Favorite Character(s) (try to stick with 3 or less)
MAD-EYE MOODY. even if he isn't the real one. I'm assuming he had the act down. Sirius, because everyone loves Sirius, and Hagrid.
3. My fave HP (relation)Ship is...
I don't really see any of 'em, but RemusxSirius only because I like them both.
4. If I could be in any Hogwarts house I would want to be in:
5. BUT I would PROBABLY get sorted into:
6. If I could have one magical ability I would want:
7. I would excel at Hogwarts in (class wise):
Everything. I was a big dork in school.
8. My favorite Hogwarts teacher would be/is:
duh...umm, okay, but if I can't count the imposter, Hagrid or Remus.
9. Slytherin or Gryffindor?
Gryffindor, only because I think the whole "Bad House" thing is dumb.
10. Padfoot, Prongs, Moony or Wormtail?
Prongs. I like antlers.
11. I became a HP fan when (during)...
Don't really consider myself one. Just enjoyed the books and I think the phenomenon is interesting.
12. If JKR put a gun to your head and made you choose 1 Weasley to bite the dust, who would you choose?
Duh. Mrs. Weasley. No more sweaters.
13. The one character I hope survives to the end is...
Don't really care.
14. Favorite minor character (Fleur, Parvati, Colin, etc.)
15. Name one of your favorite HP Lines? (I say one because we all have so many)
Uhh, since the only one I like that I ever remember is CONSTANT VIGILANCE! I'll have to go with that.
16. Your magic pet of choice would be:
Don't really want one. I guess the kids don't have to clean up after their owls, so I'll take one of those.
17. Draco Malfoy: Future Redemptionist or Future Death Eater?

I'd like see Death Eater, but I'm guessing he'll end up being a goody. :P
18. If you could pick one character (ANY) to have their very own spin off series of books, who would you choose?
Ehehehehehehe. Dude. Legends of an Auror.
19. The Goblet of Fire incident, who did you sympathize with more: Harry or Ron?
Ron. Harry was being a dick.
20. Do you think Harry will survive the series?
I don't really think about that enough to have an opinion.
21. Friday night at midnight I will be...

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