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cap, captain miss america
I'm going to spoil Harry Potter for EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU right now.

Because I can.

Without having read the book.

Neville and Harry were switched at birth.


(psst...pass it on)

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You're silly.
I like the theory, though. Very evil.
*plots to use this theory to torment friends who have not read the book by Sunday*

Hahahahaha. I will pass it on indeed. To all of my HP-obsessed friends... *evil cackle*

hehe!.. what a slap in the face that'd be for all the fans :D

I totally agree. But the question is, was the original Potter child (ie he whom we know as Neville) named Harry or Neville? *dramatic music*

Dammit tea. I wanted to be surprised when that happened. :( Spoilsport.

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