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Neville Potter and the What-Was-I-Looking-For-Again?
cap, captain miss america
A Conversation from before HPV's release~Eerie predictions for Future Books cut, since now we know they're true ^.~

tea (5:44:42 PM): oh, dude, i so want to rewrite the first book now and make it neville potter and the what was i looking for again?
fio (5:45:12 PM): Eeee, that's why his remembrall was red!
tea (5:45:20 PM): YES!
fio (5:46:07 PM): What you'll find out is that there was actually a really subtle dark lord who, I don't know, didn't shout his plans to the world. And Neville defeated him each time but no one even noticed.
tea (5:46:53 PM): ... they're using it as a, you know, distraction so nothing happens to neville </ljcut>

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*dies* Neville Potter and the What-Was-I-Looking-For-Again??? *loves tea*

Eeee I love it.

Anyway, they only use Harry to make it more kid-appropriate, because Neville's scar is on his chest and the publishers didn't think people could handle the incessant flashing.

They obviously didn't consult ME about any of this.

It'd be cool if Neville really was "the one" that Voldemort was looking for. It'd be the perfect twist.

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