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Neville Potter and the What-Was-I-Looking-For-Again?

A Conversation from before HPV's release~Eerie predictions for Future Books cut, since now we know they're true ^.~

tea (5:44:42 PM): oh, dude, i so want to rewrite the first book now and make it neville potter and the what was i looking for again?
fio (5:45:12 PM): Eeee, that's why his remembrall was red!
tea (5:45:20 PM): YES!
fio (5:46:07 PM): What you'll find out is that there was actually a really subtle dark lord who, I don't know, didn't shout his plans to the world. And Neville defeated him each time but no one even noticed.
tea (5:46:53 PM): ... they're using it as a, you know, distraction so nothing happens to neville </ljcut>
Tags: fandom: harry potter, quotes
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