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so, i'm leaving tomorrow afternoon. going to rome, then siena, then vescovado, which will take me to sometime tuesday afternoon. italian payphones confuse the cripe out of me, so i'll call those of you expecting a call probably when i get to the hotel.

i am really nervous. besides the fact that planes scare me shitless (anything high up in the air does, i'm really susceptible to vertigo and until i was about fourteen or fifteen, i spent every minute of every plane flight i took watching out the window to try to see possible escapes in case of a crash), i have to get from the rome airport to the hotel all by myself. i have all my various tickets and such numbered in the order i am supposed to use them. the funny thing is that i'm always fairly confident in everything, i kind of figure i'll get everywhere fine, but that doesn't mean i'm not freaking out about it.

so yeah. nervous.

but EEEEEEE so excited, too. so my tummy is flip-flopping. the only vacations i've ever been on without my parents were florida to visit mikey's grandparents, which doesn't really count, and france on an exchange with a ton of kids from my class. so i haven't ever had to find my way anywhere after landing. skeery. but exciting. and eee we're going to florence and i get to see sara and eat pizza and gelato and we get to bum around florence and be super geeky (which i assume comes with the program). and eeeeee boboli gardens and pizzeria dante, if i can find it, i know it's across the river and i think it's a right if you take the ponte vecchio, but it's all vague, hopefully i can look it up when i get there.


i'll be back tuesday eve (the 8th), my mom is picking me up from kennedy and i'm not sure what we're doing but, well, late that day.

i'm gonna go hit the hay now, sleep needs me. or i need it.

love you all.

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