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cap, captain miss america
tea: why don't i do more fanart? people like fanart.
mikey: i dunno, maybe because it's kind of...done?


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Dude. I love it. Especially the EYE.

Nice coloring job. ^_^

O_O The eye is SCARY.

you do art because you like doing it, because you have a project, or because people like it?

usually all three. but i don't post things if i don' tthink people will enjoy them. anyway, i sort of deliberately quit doing fan art of professional works (ie, i'll draw my friends' characters) except for a couple KiSS dolls several years ago and it seems kind of stupid now. i've done a couple things recently for particular reasons and i enjoyed doing them, and it's nice to do stuff that has a recognition factor, since most of my work is character portraits, it's always frustrating to post work that is obviously a portrait and then have to explain over and over again who the person is. it's fun to show people how you envision characters that they already know.

the recognition factor is a great thing. it is a key to move your fan stuff around and let it become something else. usually fan art is mostly a sentimental thing

I must agree. I stopped doing fan art for a while, but it's damned addictive to have people recognize what you're drawing. Kiss I evolved out of doing fan dolls until recently. And... sometimes you get attached to other people's representations of the chars than the original author's! And it's fun to do obscure fan art that you know the recipiant will actually see and appreciate(like the Celldweller one). :O

That rocks my socks. Moody is too cool.

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