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bitching about downtime and some varied RP ranting.

yarg. the rogue is down this morning, which is frustrating for obvious reasons. only have three new userpics to do today or tomorrow, so they should get done and up (yay i get to draw a doi!) *IF* the site comes back. at least it wasn't down yesterday when sara was here.

yarg, but i want to reply to our apps email today and can't.

the one thing i really hate is replying to good writers who are having trouble coming up with approrpriate, viable, or interesting characters. these are people who might be fun to have in the game, and who can write, but who just aren't demonstrating that they understand what this game is about. it's not a traditional RP in the sense that there's rarely any fighting and storylines are very much character-driven. right now we're in the middle of an assembly on quality cheese and magic milk powder, thanks to kalliona and neverneverland3. man, but i love having guest characters :D <3s lord rocin. <3s the Ministry of BS.

okay, whoever started calling them the Ministry of BS gets a bonus cookie, too.

mikey got me potting soil, so i re-potted my work plant. hopefully now it will forgive me for leaving it for a week (no one here remembered to water it) and start being bayoutiful again.

i need to gets back to works now.
Tags: rants, roleplaying, roleplaying: dotg
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