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Unique Interests, #2

Some of my old Unique Interests are no longer unique, and some have been wiped. I've added new ones, too. So here I'm listing once again.

Former Unique Interests that aren't unique:
David Eugene Edwards
Doctor Manhattan
The Happy Hocky Family
Wooden Eyes

Current Unique Interests and Their Meanings:
Almost Empty Gin Palaces: Elvis Costello Reference
Assisted-Living Dracula: Aquateens Reference
Bacon Mummy: Mummies are More Delicious when Wrapped in Bacon
Burning Rings of Fire: I Fell Into a...
Heck Tate: From To Kill a Mockingbird
Invisible Chickens: Live in My Apartment
Iron Hans: Fairy Tale Character
John of Ephesus: Author of the Book of Revelations
Lionel Deathrage: 1. A Rubber Chicken. 2.Everett's Favorite Shadow Minion
Minchiate: Divination Cards & a Card Game (Known in English as Bullshit)
MoodyxFlitwick: If You Don't Get This One, Shame. :P
Netomat: Where I Work
Oraculares: Kataly's Magic Glasses
Principe Pazzo: Fairy Tale Character
Sandpiggies: Live in My Apartment
Septimus Warren-Smith: From Mrs. Dalloway
Sheet Burritoes: Jhonen Vasquez Reference
Starlyke: Is Perfect
The Heironymous Machine: From The SIlver Crown
The Plague Wall: In Siena
The Silver Crown: Robert C. O'Brien Novel
Vasilisa: Fairy Tale Character
Walled Cities: Are Cool
Welles' Othello: The Motion Picture
What the Moon Saw: Hans Christian Andersen Story
Wicked Dairies: Was a Typo, But a Damn Funny One
Wild Smoochy: Lives in My Apartment
Woolly Rhino: Name of Maxwell
Your Russia: David Eugene Edwards Song
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