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cat, rat, & dog
cap, captain miss america
i am so amused by my silly little comments on sheroes that I thought I'd post 'em here for the non-sheroes folks.

The following is a comment on the famous "cat, rat, dog," rhyme about Richard III which is used as a chapter title in PoA. Sir Francis Lovell, for those of you who don't know, is the "dog" from that rhyme.

I wanted to point out that Lovell (the dog), also, mysteriously disappeared at the end of the battle of Stoke in 1487, claimed slain by his enemies.
The story continues that Lovell went back to his family home and hid himself in a secret room. Supposedly, either through his own fault or through the treachery of his servants, he was accidentally stuck in the secret room-- he could not get out.
In the 1700s, Lovell's (or what was supposedly Lovell's) body was found in the secret chamber, huddled over some papers-- he had apparently been writing something. But when the chamber was opened, the papers were destroyed.

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That is pretty cool. I didn't know paper really did that, disintegrating in air.

my new theory:

Lovell wrote Harry Potter at the end of the fifteenth century, stuck in a secret room. The papers weren't destroyed...someone took them & they remained hidden for 300 years.

There we go. That makes even more sense.

Did the papers get caught in a time warp?

No, actually, Lovell's papers have been used as a the model for our modern society. He was way ahead of his time.

I don't think I could tolerate the HP fans on that board. The general response to the PoA pics were irritating. Lupin and Sirius are SUPPOSED to look messed up, and the book never said that Remus was cute or handsome. Some of us forget that it's NOT an anime, that all our favorite characters aren't bishounen.

"My Draco has been sissified!" But he is a sissy!

yes, i know. there are SOME intelligent conversations-- the quality of conversation went right downhill when the movie pics came out. if you hunt and peck you find interesting stuff but OMG HERMIONE WOULD NEVER WEAR A HOODIE.

i like posting my crackpot theories though because everyone is interested. i've actually converted moodyxflitwick shippers.

I'm going to pretend I didn't hear that last part.

*sticks fingers in ears* LA LA LA LA LA---

I was thinking last night the same thing you said about the clothes. Your intelligence or level of studiousness has nothing to do with your style. I'm sort of the Hermione of my group and OHMYGOD I HAVE A PINK HOODIE. Just got it, matter of fact. A pink sweatshirt and rainbow belt aren't all that shocking, either. Someone said elsewhere that it'd inspire "punk!Hermione" fics. A pink hoodie isn't $&(%&# punk!

*sniff* nobody wants to read moodyxflitwick.

What I find interesting is the little chapter headings in book 5... Remus has long hair. I can't remember her ever mentioning that before. And I typically can't tolerate MSG boards at all... so I know what you mean. :/

I had trouble picturing Lupin. I kept seeing him looking... anime-fied, and that doesn't go. I saw him with a ponytail, so long hair worked for me.

Snape's goatee was the more random appearance feature. >_>

i always pictured lupin being somewhat bigger than i knew he was. probably because of the werewolf thing. and with shaggier hair than i knew he had. again, werewolf thing.

and yeah, the snapey goatee was a surprise. maybe it's new. or maybe it's BIZARRO SNAPE!

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