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Anne Neville
cap, captain miss america
Continuing the Sir Francis Lovell Theory. (warning-- the lovell theory has OotP spoilers in it)

Ratcliffe was considered Richard's "Pet."

--He Killed Edward, one of his greatest adversaries.
--He married her-- her name was Anne.
--Their Families, being of the House of York, were totally intertwined.
--Her blood helped seal his throne.
--Her family helped bring on his downfall.

--They're called the NEVILLES.

When Richard was taken down, WHO SUCCEEDED HIM?
(and was in theory just as bad)

H. A. R. R. Y.


I love Richard III

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*blink* Run that by me again?

Sir Francis Lovell, the guy who I was connecting to Sirius because of the cat, rat, dog, poem that's quoted in PoA, is an historical figure from the time of Richard III.

Sir Francis Lovell is the dog in that poem. He was supposedly one of Richard's most powerful followers, but he disappeared mysteriously.

Ratcliffe, the rat from that poem, is known as Richard's pet.

Richard was known as a treacherous villain who rose to power. (this is debatable). His reign was marked with strange disappearances.

He killed a man named Edward Neville, because Neville had a claim to the throne, then married Anne Neville, in order to strengthen his own claim. Anne went mad, and supposedly was killed by Richard, too.

However, the Neville family threw in with the Lancasters to defeat Richard.

When Richard was defeated, a young man became king who many people think was just as bad as Richard, and who may have been responsible for some of the deaths people usually blame Richard for. Richard's successor's name was Harry.

Ah! And now it all makes sense. And I see Harry in a whole new light.


i am becoming more and more convinced that there's a cogent argument that harry is going to be the new dark lord. everyone knows his background and past are similar to voldy's, he's got the other phoenix feather, he's becoming an angrier and angrier kid-- harry is a LOT like tom riddle was at that age, without being blatantly evil. the only problem is that i don't think it's possible for him to go after muggles or mudbloods, not at this point, anyway. and the harry/richard thing is just one more bit that adds to that.

i'm just getting kind of worried that harry is going to kill ron or neville.

see, richard killed henry VI, the rightful king. the whole "weasley is our king" thing, plus the unicorn hair wand (the unicorn is the deadly enemy of the lion, gryffindor symbol, blah blah) is getting to me. plus the judas connections.

and neville-- well. the other thing in richard is this prophecy, that a man whose name starts with the letter G will kill king edward (henry VI's usurper). richard convinces everyone that the prophecy is about his brother, George of Clarence (Richard's brothers are ED and GEORGE, btw), and has george murdered, then goes about killing ed himself. the prophecy stuff, err. well. and his name is neville.

Tea, you astound me.

And it actually works, too. I am terrified.

My sister says she wants to meet you know, even though she has different theories about Richard III and Harry.

I really hope you're wrong, though it'd be kinda cool if you were right. Except I love Ron and Neville, and don't want them to die.

Does Dumbledore compare with anyone?

want to hear your sister's theories.

i'll work on dumbledore later. so far i've been going through records of battles, and there are two lord percys, a norris, a fortescue, and a lestrange (who was actually on harry's side, not richard's). i'm sure there must be an evans, somewhere, since it's such a common name.

i'm also going to look up english arms later and find out who has all the house animals. and who has a wolf, and who has a stag.

She said something about Richard III and Harry having something about their father's in common. It was in passing. Something about Harry thinking his father was better than he was, and Richard's being similar.

Or maybe it was Richard's father did all the work, and got none of the credit. In that case, he reminds me of Mr. Weasley and Remus, rather than James.

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