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Yo, so here's the deal. I'm going to do this backwards and urge others to do the same. Instead of people asking to BE interviewed (though just asked silpi and themis to interview me, and got a bunch of nice questions back, which I WILL answer,

ASK ME QUESTIONS. Anyone who wants to interview me, tack five questions to this post.

Because tea has to do everything the hard way.

--Sir Robert Percy* of Scotton, Yorkshire, killed in battle
--George Stanley, Lord Strange, aka LeStrange, pardoned, became royal councilor under Henry VII
--William Norris, rewarded after battle
--Sir John Fortescue of Ponsbourne, Hertfordshire, attainder under Richard III reversed, knighted by Henry VII

I'm going to look up English arms when I get home and find out who uses the stag, the wolf, and the house mascots and whose side they were on in the WotR. I am SUCH a dork.
Tags: fandom: harry potter, memes, people:sir francis lovell
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