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Part of Tea's Backward Interview Meme. Or, rather, MeMeMe. Just post questions for ME. I guess I'll interview people if you want me too, but I'm trying to mix things up a little.

by themis

1.) If you could witness two historical events, what would you choose?

After being around for 9/11, that's a hard question to ask. At the moment, I'm thinking Bosworth, though I wouldn't actually want to be there. Perhaps I'd like to go see one of Shakes' plays in its first incarnation. Maybe the famous Fawkes' production of RII.

2.) If Adonis suddenly decided he wanted a pet, what would you get him?

He wants a parrot. I don't know if I'd trust him with a parrot-- or any pet, at 17. A dog might be good for him, though, but the responsibility...ehh. He would love a dog if he had one, but I'm not sure he'd take care of it. Maybe something stuffed, for now.

3.) In your opinion, is yellow an acceptable color for daily wear?

Depends on your coloring and the shade. For me, gold is. Not any other yellow, though.

4.) If livejournal increased the number of allowed interests to 155, what would
you add?

Hahaha considering I haven't filled out the max yet, I don't rightly know. I just added SnapexThom, though.

5.) The government has decided to burn all the books in the world - and you can only save three, which do you save?

Well, the most important ones, to me, are all online. Okay, I know, cheap way out.

I'd assume other people would save the Bible, so I would just steal their copies later, but I'd get a nice hefty Complete Works of Shakespeare out, for sure (hello, Peter Greenaway!). Then maybe Frankenstein and The Complete Lewis Carroll. They're not my favorite books, but they're important, and I can read Lewis Caroll to pieces.

by silpi
[1] What is the strangest slash coupling you've heard of?

Umm, considering I'm usually the one making them up... I'm still very proud of MoodyXFlitwick.

[2] If, through some wierd mixing of worlds, Donny was inserted into Pirates of the Caribbean, what would be the result?

Funny you should ask. Something interesting happens to Donny after he leaves the convent that is curiously like this. Donny would probably get totally taken in by Jack and end up crewing for him. He'd probably totally worship Jack, too, yeah, and he would get piercings and eyeliner. And he'd like Tortuga. They'd somehow land in a slew of yet MORE trouble and Donny would escape very closely, probably with some othe rcursed artifact or valuable object on his person, and which point he'd get mixed up in some hijinks involving either a gambling or prostitution ring in Tortuga, then wind up escaping yet again after someone finds out he's been cheating them by stowing away with a bunch of rumrunners. He'd get caught and marooned at which point someone would rescue him-- not because they were coming after HIM so much as after whatever the artifact he had was. It would be fun. He'd get Jack more rum.

[3] Would you rather be a mermaid or a faery?

Depends what kind of faery, but probably a faery. Mermaids are wet.

[4] All books on earth, except for one, are to be destroyed forever. Which one do you save?
I'm Caliban. Complete Works of William Shakespeare, natch.

[5] If Tortall had a national cheese, what type do you think it would be?
Donny says Tortallan cheese SUCKS. Probably something Britishish. Ooh, maybe Red Dragon, only it would be called Shang Dragon.

by kellygrape

What is it like working for a company where you're only 1 of 19 employees? (or whatever it is, for netomat)
It's actually strange, because I was the third employee, so I am still having issues with the growth. For me, it's a lot bigger than it used to be and it makes me uncomfortable because I used to know everything that was going on here and I don't anymore. I liked working with only 7 people better. It was a lot more stressful, but I was allowed to do a lot more exciting things that are other people's jobs now.

Do you ever plan to get married and have children?
I have a LOT of issues with marriage. In fact, the only reason I plan on getting married is because it makes legal crap a lot easier when you have kids. I definitely want kids. The funny thing is, though, that as a child, even, I very much envisioned myself as a single parent. I don't think I could be one, though, too much work, and I like Mikey too much.

How were you first introducted to computers, and why do you find programming/working with computers so interesting?
a) My first experience with computers was when I was five or six (1983-4ish) at my godmother's house. They had the original King's Quest game on their IBM pcjr. and I was obsessed.

Maybe in 1984 or 85, I bought a book that taught you how to program a simple BASIC computer game. It was a fictional story along with a companion game to program. I did that at my godmother's house.

In 1986, I was in not one but TWO enrichment programs where we learned BASIC and LOGO.

I got my own first computer, an Apple IIgs, around 1987. I mostly played games and wrote.

b)I don't really find programming or working with computers interesting. For me, coding is kind of brainless and therapeutic-- my mom does it with cooking, I do it with code. I am NOT a programmer by any stretch of the imagination, though.

I DO find languages interesting, but I am fairly poor with computer languages. I like working with computers only from the perspective that I like the kinds of things you can do with graphics, and I like the community aspect of the internet-- great and almost instant feedback.

You visited Sara in Italy, will you visit me in Connecticut? (hehe)

I'd love to. I'm sure Sara would, too :D We should all get together.

What was the worst paying job you ever had?
Besides babysitting, $5 an hour was my first job in high school, working at Fabric Bonanza, a fabric and crafts store.

by dragonmagelet

[1]Who is your favorite Impressionist artist? (because I'm odd like that)
I'm not that fond of the impressionists, but if I had to pick one, maybe Gaugin, cos he was nuts.

[2]Which of the RPG characters you have ever played is your favorite?
At the moment, definitely Donny. He's very idiosyncratic and has pretty complicated responses to things.

[3]Which is yummier: Indian, Chinese, or Japanese food?
Japanese. <3 sushi.

[4]What would you do if you suddenly became immensely rich and famous?
Quit my job, become a hermit, and write.

[5]What is the weirdest hairstyle you have ever seen?
Toughie. I've been to so many goth clubs I couldn't say at this point; I don't really recall. Though a girl in my middle school had very long red hair and she used to put it in a single braid and then wire the braid so she could stick it straight up.

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