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cap, captain miss america
I've been staying up way too late.

Anyway, playing around a bit in Photoshop, I haven't done any paintbrush-only Photoshop drawing in a long time, this one was entirely photoshopped, no reference graphic, with a mouse. It's not my best but it was fun to try and i like the hair. Just some random little girl.

Yesterday I FINALLY got my birthday present I've been waiting for, so I'll take some pictures of my new toy once I finish putting it together. I'm so excited, it's ten times better even than I expected.

Pirate party this weekend :D Making pina coladas and I need to check on a couple recipes.

I was looking around online and I found us a menu.

Yum. I actually got some real pirate recipes but I'm probably too lazy to make them. :P

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Very nice picture, particularly the eyes and hair. I envy people who are able to do lineless artwork (not even taking in consideration the added difficulties for mousers).

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