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Year Two
cap, captain miss america
New York City is curiously devoid of remembrances today.

I saw a group of men wearing red, white, and blue, but they were the Russian national wrestling team.

Then again, I don't really want people remembering by being all war, war, rah rah rah which is what those colors have come to represent to most New Yorkers, I think. Most people I know want to distance what happened in our city from anything our country has done in its name as much as possible. We (the New Yorkers I know) don't want to be our government's excuse for policies of world domination or the loss of personal security in our homes.

But something horrible happened here, nonetheless, and I see so little recognition for it today. It's very surreal. The anniversaries of the deaths of loved ones are difficult days to get through; small personal memorials and rituals grow out of those experiences, and yet in this city, I see nothing. Maybe if I close my eyes and think about it, there'll be candles in windows tonight.

But New Yorkers are busy people, and buying candles is another errand.

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I think the rest of the country is taking upon themselves to make up for the average new yorker's lack of time. But truely... I don't see anything here either... and we're right beside a military base. That said, I think people here are more worried about their family that's been sent over seas than they are about remembering what caused this wildfire.

OT: I'm using a mac at school. I do NOT know how you deal with these things. the keyboard is wonky and the mouse is screwy and doesn't respond... and...and... oof. It's just frustrating. XD

The keyboards take some getting used to, but the keys are lower down and you don't bend your wrists as much so once you get used to them, they're better for carpal tunnel.

The mice are wonky and only have one freaking button. I go buy PC mice and replace them on all my macs. Other than that, I like macs because they allow for a lot more customization of your workspace and I just like the way the OS is set up a lot more. They're a bit slower than PCs, I think, for certain tasks, but faster for others.

I haven't seen much mention of the eleventh at all, except for a small, science project sized memorial at the student center at school. How strange. So much hubbub still over the war and no remembrance of what really started it.

I saw the funniest animation regarding Macs the other day. I'll have to dig it up.

No, yeah, it was the same here, and although this is by no means New York, it was really weird. Maybe there was something I didn't know about. I'm not saying people just forgot about it, but there was way less mention of it than I thought - I only heard one person mention it was September eleventh today. It was sort of bizarre.

Wow, though... NYC like that as well? Maybe it was just because it was so different last year that it strikes me.

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