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Year Two

New York City is curiously devoid of remembrances today.

I saw a group of men wearing red, white, and blue, but they were the Russian national wrestling team.

Then again, I don't really want people remembering by being all war, war, rah rah rah which is what those colors have come to represent to most New Yorkers, I think. Most people I know want to distance what happened in our city from anything our country has done in its name as much as possible. We (the New Yorkers I know) don't want to be our government's excuse for policies of world domination or the loss of personal security in our homes.

But something horrible happened here, nonetheless, and I see so little recognition for it today. It's very surreal. The anniversaries of the deaths of loved ones are difficult days to get through; small personal memorials and rituals grow out of those experiences, and yet in this city, I see nothing. Maybe if I close my eyes and think about it, there'll be candles in windows tonight.

But New Yorkers are busy people, and buying candles is another errand.
Tags: events: 9/11, life
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