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smoke gets in your eyes

So the eye doctor very pleasantly informed me that I'll probably be blind by the age of 35 and kept shouting at me to relax when the glaucoma thing kept scaring me. Thanks!

Anyway, I got a stronger prescription, they said they don't know if it will work but I might need vision therapy :P

For those of you I didn't speak to last night, Nate did this little thing called walking on hot coals which made him have a burn the size of Manhattan on the sole of his foot. He went to a doctor this morning, they lanced it, and he still can't really walk but he's at work.

I think that's it, I should go spend time with my family, and go pick up my glasses. I'm at my parents' house so I'll be checking in, but I won't really be online till after dinner, probably, and this computer is slooow.
Tags: eyesight, health, life
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