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smoke gets in your eyes
cap, captain miss america
So the eye doctor very pleasantly informed me that I'll probably be blind by the age of 35 and kept shouting at me to relax when the glaucoma thing kept scaring me. Thanks!

Anyway, I got a stronger prescription, they said they don't know if it will work but I might need vision therapy :P

For those of you I didn't speak to last night, Nate did this little thing called walking on hot coals which made him have a burn the size of Manhattan on the sole of his foot. He went to a doctor this morning, they lanced it, and he still can't really walk but he's at work.

I think that's it, I should go spend time with my family, and go pick up my glasses. I'm at my parents' house so I'll be checking in, but I won't really be online till after dinner, probably, and this computer is slooow.

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awww no, girl. please take good care of yourself!
and if your doctor makes you nervous consider trying another one

Oh no! I hope you don't go blind, Tea! Do you really have glaucoma? :( Good luck. I hope... um... you don't have glaucoma. Yeah. Wow. I'm really good at this being supportive thing, aren't I?

My dad got of laser surgery for his glaucoma. I was under the impresstion that if you caught it soon eungh you could keep glaucoma under control.

I don't have glaucoma, the problem is, they test for it by shooting air into your eyes and the test terrifies me.

I'm not at all sure I understand what's happening here. I've been tested for glaucome, they put dye in my eyes and shined at light at them. Not very pleasant but it didn't involve any air being shot into my eyes.

it's just a different glaucoma test. it involves shooting air into your eyes and then measuring the way it hits or something.

Ok. I understand whats going on now. Is it posable to have then use a different test that the one that terifies you?

Do they just blow *at* your eyes really hard or do they actually poke something into your eye? Either way, it does sound kind of scary. But I guess it's not as scary as going blind. I hope you can get a test that won't be as freaky but, if you can't, please do whatever you must to get yourself proper treatment. You see the world in such a unique way - the world would be the lesser without your unique vision. If there's anything I can do, let me know. I'd be tempted to give you one of my eyes if such a thing were possible.

eee! dov! i didn't know you had an LJ!!

oh, or maybe i did, i think i saw you comment on alex's journal a while back. i'll add you to my friends so you can see some of the goofy stuff i lock up :D

okay, what they do is take this machine and make you stare into it and focus on this red dot at the center, and then they blow a puff of air into the eye. it doesn't really hurt, but it's very startling, so when you already *know* it's coming, it's REALLY hard to do it and not flinch. it didn't help that the doctor was going "RELAX RELAX RELAX" the whole time...

i have new glasses, and they seem to be better than the old ones. things still look a little blurry but they're not giving me headaches so far. the problem is that i have better than 20/20 vision for distances but very poor vision up close, so i must wear glasses to use the computer and read, but i *can't* wear glasses for anything else, so either way, they say it's causing undue strain on my eyes, because, well, it's difficult to take my glasses off every time i look away from the computer screen. they said that if this doesn't work, there are a couple other things to try, i might be able to do some kind of vision therapy or something. I'm not super super worried yet, I think they were doing the typical exaggerating-to-warn-patients thing, but i guess i do have to be more careful. thanks for the very kind words; it means a lot to me. <3

I have an LJ account but I never wrote in it. I'm not all that verbal a person, especially about myself.

Okay, that test sounds unsettling but not as bad as it might be at least. I'm glad to hear that the diagnosis probably was a cautionary exaggeration. I was very upset when Jade told me about your LJ entry. Please do keep us updated - we worry about you.

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