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He Talks about Stories
cap, captain miss america
If it's possible to spoil Sandman, I'm doing it below. But most of my rambling will make no sense to someone that's not a fan and might be entertaining.

Okay, so what was up here? Did the count pull the thing with the elephant because he knew he couldn't die? Did he not die, or was it like Groundhog Day? Either way, gorgeous art, Death was perfect, Venice was beautiful.

I kept getting flashbacks to Destruction's island, I guess it had that same kind of tone.

AIEEEE it rocked. And it had more boobies than I've ever seen in a nonpornographic comic. EEE, just reading it made me drool, which I think was the point. And I saw the first bit coming, but never the second.

SUCH amazing art. Oh, man, this is wonderful stuff, I love artwork that bends to convention just enough that you can see where Delight was a surprise, this must have been as she started to change, because she's so unsure, and very del-y. This was really cool, the relationship between Dream and Desire was interesting.

Ahh, reading these is excruciating. I'm not crazy about the poetic ones, but agh, #2, 4, 5, 8... numbers 4 and 5 got to me most, i think. I want to sit down and answer #13 eventually.

EEEE BARNABAS! And Sky-boys fighting little girls with FISH HEADS!!!
I love the sadness of del's world, that such an endearing character can be so broken. The writer reminded me of Johnny from House of Leaves. And was a bit frightening to me. A lot of that story reminded me of House of Leaves.

Destruction is always the character I wanted to see most of. And Del, who there's already plenty of, but it's always nice to see. And a damn good story.

Ooooooh, pretttttttty. Let's see how many people use the pic of Death as an LJ icon. I liked it less than the others, story-wise, because it was just talking about Destiny, and stuff we already knew...but it's hard to write Destiny, and the art is beautiful.

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ayieeee, how did I not know that you were a sandman fan?! I've just started reading through the collections our library owns. the artwork is amazing and gaiman's stories are... there are no words to describe them.

oh, dude, i'm a huge sandman fan, i did an independent study on it in college with a bunch of friends just so i could buy them all instead of textbooks.

I need to steal some of the books. :(

I'll bring some up when I come up next time :D

rupert likes that idea so much, he's partying in his tank!

Ahhh Rupert needs to read Endless Nights, there are lots of fish in it.

rupert likes fish. as long as they're not sashimi.

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