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(no subject)
cap, captain miss america
So zonky. I really shouldn't be going to bed past two. Also we need to have company nap time. I can't even keep my eyes open today.Buuut...Shiver is too much fun...

Hmm, there were a few things I wanted to write about.

My computer stopped being able to connect to the net this morning, but it's back on now, but gahhh that's infuriating. And it made me forget one of the things I wanted to talk about.

I remember the others, though.

1) Black Market Cigarette Sales.

Okay, on the way to work today, I saw a guy walking down the street selling "packs and loosies." I'm no fan of tobacco smoking, I don't think anyone should do it, but the prices on cigarettes are going to drive plenty of smokers to purchase illegally-- thus risking the same sorts of problems that come from a lack of regulation in any illegal drug trade. And if we're going to do THAT, can't we at least get the manufactury out of the hands of people who are responsible for making cigarettes even more poisonous and deadly?

2) New York City.

Is probably the only city in the world where the HOTEL EMPLOYEES are the ones communicating with tourists by using their hands because they (the hotel workers) don't know the native language.

This makes me <3 New York.

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responding to your message

hey, tea! I just got your message on my lj; for some reason, it didn't go through to my email (which, admittedly, has been wonky). What's up?


AIEE deth deth deth. hey, i'll add you in a sec.

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