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cap, captain miss america

this is for rick and jack especially but anyone else who i can beg and plead with.

Shiver needs badass characters! For some reason everyone is applying with teenaged girls!

*makes puppy eyes*

and in addition, i need to inform you all that i had the MOST DISTURBING DREAM EVER. i dreamed i was married to justin timberlake and he was making fun of my record collection. :( i think i met him because i had an apprenticeship as an assistant choreographer or something weird. it was really bizarre, we were living in a college dorm and gave campus tours in our free time. and we were taking helicopter-flying classes. but the mocking my record collection kind of pissed me off. he liked 16 horsepower, though.

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So who are we supposed to roleplay? If the storyline is focused on pirates, what's with all the colonists?


Well, the idea was that the pirates will be attacking,plundering, and eventually recruiting colonists-- but since people seem to be mostly playing young girl colonists, there's nobody for pirates to fight with or recruit!

The game is set in a colony in 1640. Some stuff is going to happen to the colony that'll directly tie into the whole "pact with the devil pirate ship" storyline, but it hasn't developed in the game yet.

we had originally assumed we'd get a pretty evenly split badass-to-colonist ratio, but for some reason, everyone's just played colonists so far. for the storyline to work best, we need a pretty even mix of both.

you can roleplay anyone you want, but we really really want seedy characters right now (who don't necessarily have to be pirates -- they could be rum smugglers, sailors, even just some more seedy men from the town). any non-colonists would probably be passing through port in order to trade or find a job, and any colonists would just be living in the town.

From the main page info, it looks like the kind of characters you're looking for are colonists. That's probably why you're lacking in the seediness.

Would a character that gets recruited by pirates contribute to the need of badassage?

Q: Can I play a pirate?

You can't join as a pirate, but there will be opportunities to become one during the course of the game...

Because of this, I think you're discouraging the whole seedy character thing. Maybe you should advise it a bit more heavily in the FAQs?

Yeah, we're going to go back and rewrite all that. Thanks. ^^;;

Yeah, it was sortof confusing for me. ^_^* Though I'm easily confused.
I'll join up later on, then. Aye aye!
And my final question is this: do you need a male or female? Either is completely fine. :)

I think males at the moment, but if you enjoy it, you can pick up a female later.

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