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cap, captain miss america

this is for rick and jack especially but anyone else who i can beg and plead with.

Shiver needs badass characters! For some reason everyone is applying with teenaged girls!

*makes puppy eyes*

and in addition, i need to inform you all that i had the MOST DISTURBING DREAM EVER. i dreamed i was married to justin timberlake and he was making fun of my record collection. :( i think i met him because i had an apprenticeship as an assistant choreographer or something weird. it was really bizarre, we were living in a college dorm and gave campus tours in our free time. and we were taking helicopter-flying classes. but the mocking my record collection kind of pissed me off. he liked 16 horsepower, though.

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Would a less-teenaged wench be in order? Or do you really *need* a certain sort of character? Teacher? Merchant? Artisan? Noblewoman?
I can really role play anything you really need, just let me know.

We're really looking for anything that isn't a 17 year old girl at the moment... older teen boys, men and women in their 20s, older women, older men...If you can come up with someone who would have to work with pirates (a docker, a shipper, etc...we have a blacksmith already) or could otherwise have a connection with them, all the better.

I think you're right about the FAQ-- the problem is, we wanted to discourage people from joining with characters who were *currently* pirates, but we weren't trying to discourage seedy characters. I think we'll look back over that and try to reqrite it a bit.

:) Just mention that you need less-reputable characters, too, though they can't be pirates from the get-go. Just concise-ify the FAQ--"we really need all manner of characters, not just your common commoner; the bad and the ugly have to be in there, too" ^_^ Or something like that, making slightly more sense. LOL
Anyways, dunno if anyone said;
"This is bloody brilliant! God save the queen!!"

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