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cap, captain miss america

this is for rick and jack especially but anyone else who i can beg and plead with.

Shiver needs badass characters! For some reason everyone is applying with teenaged girls!

*makes puppy eyes*

and in addition, i need to inform you all that i had the MOST DISTURBING DREAM EVER. i dreamed i was married to justin timberlake and he was making fun of my record collection. :( i think i met him because i had an apprenticeship as an assistant choreographer or something weird. it was really bizarre, we were living in a college dorm and gave campus tours in our free time. and we were taking helicopter-flying classes. but the mocking my record collection kind of pissed me off. he liked 16 horsepower, though.

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:) Just mention that you need less-reputable characters, too, though they can't be pirates from the get-go. Just concise-ify the FAQ--"we really need all manner of characters, not just your common commoner; the bad and the ugly have to be in there, too" ^_^ Or something like that, making slightly more sense. LOL
Anyways, dunno if anyone said;
"This is bloody brilliant! God save the queen!!"

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