tea berry-blue (teaberryblue) wrote,
tea berry-blue

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rosie won't be an abusive husband. i told her i'm a damn bitch and i'm asking for it, but all she did was offer me a job doing PR. :( oh, and she offered to buy my crack, so that was good, i guess, but i really need me to get smacked up something awful.

my mom played in shiver the other night, and now my dad wants to, too. muhahahaha. the family that rps together...

oh, i remember what i wanted to say this morning. Reason #62543 why I love New York. you walk outside, it's mid-november, and there is white stuff falling all around. you look up, and get smacked in the face with little tiny feathers from an exploded pillow that are being carried by the wind all the way from 14th to 34th. ahhh new york in winter.
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