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The Xmas List
cap, captain miss america
This is tea's big freaking list of all the goodies I happen to want at the moment, so that anyone reading this who happens to be a millionaire, wants brownie points, or wants to get into my pants knows where to start.*

I'm sure I'll think of more stuff I want. I'm a materialistic sucker.

prospero's books
rosencrantz and guildenstern are dead.
jarman's tempest
welles' othello
return to oz
the last unicorn
the manchurian candidate

futurama, seasons 1 & 2
the family guy, volumes 1 & 2

Shakespeare's Words, by David Crystal, Ben Crystal, Stanley Wells

playmobil #3288-- pirate prison
playmobil #3285-- pirate lagoon
playmobil #3151-- viking longhouse
playmobil #3006--forest wildlife
playmobil #3665-- baron's battle tower

other shit:
fuzzy pajamas and fuzzy socks
walden work table, rolling chair, whole collection from crate and barrel (uhh, yeah, and a place to put it, this is where the money comes in)
a blackberry (see comment above)
oh, and nice art supplies. good pencils, pens, and paper are always appreciated.

*No refunds, no guarantees. Actually, I just started writing this up so I can send it to my mom.

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my sister and i both have playmobil crap all over the house, so mom refuses to buy more until we clean it up.

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