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it's beginning to look a lot like x-mas

i'm at my parents' house, and man, i forget what it gets like here around the holidays. last year i was really only home for, you know, THE holidays, i came home for t-giving, then had a week off at x-mas.

it's crazy. our kitchen is a disaster area, and my mom hasn't started cookies yet-- this is just from making pies for t-giving. oh, and she's making soup. in the past week, she's made chicken barley soup, potato soup, and chestnut soup. the potato soup is really good, it's really thick and yummy.

i'm supposedly making something for my bosses but i don't really want to set foot in the kitchen at the moment. i would draw something for them, but, you know, it's not like drawing for my friends, uhh, i don't think my bosses have roleplaying characters i can draw cheesy slash of. that's okay, i can bake at home monday or tuesday night, even.

colin came over last night with his new girlfriend, gave me his album, which starts with a song of his i already know, we chatted for a bit. it was nice to have a surprise guest even though my apartment was a mess. i told him i was leaving neto, told him i might be leaving new york, at least for the present time. his girlfriend was really sweet, made fun of us freaky ex-film students, told me i was insanely creative, which was nice to hear.

it's 5:20 and my brother is, you know, still asleep. i guess i used to do that. i got woken up by my mom at noon when she called and told me to call my dad to see about coming out here. to me, this meant, oh, my dad has a car. but no, it meant he wanted me to be company on the train, which takes longer and wasn't for two hours.

i need to do x-mas shopping for people, only, only every time i go out to shop i buy stuff for me and not for other people. i really should just shop online, only then you kind of have to decide on presents ahead of time. and i don't really know what anyone wants. my brother NEEDS a maid, but i somehow don't think he would appreciate the gesture.
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