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in late-breaking news...
cap, captain miss america
I <3 hula smut.

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who said anything about faults? i think this is the greatest thing ever invented.

oh, so /you/ think that it's the greatest thing ever invented. never mind that there has to be someone /else/ involved. I can see it now, my mother's going to ask me what I did today, and I'm going to have to go "ummm, thought of creative ways to avoid having anyone get raunchy in hula skirts."

My mom would be pleased. I should tell her. She'll probably go find us some hula sodomy books.

I don't think you could sodomize someone with a hula skirt, though. The grass wouldn't hold up.

The hands tell a story!

(Hula smut no ka oe!)

It's both, from what I've seen.

All the better to say in HPE: "Hula porn stay da bes'!"

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