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today is the last day of the rest of your life
cap, captain miss america

i am going totally totally insane and popping out of my head. i have one more day of work. then i'm on my own. then i'm writing. i hope i can do this. i think i can do this. i'm not going to be one of those people who has the spirit squished out of me, i'm going to do this and do it well and kick fucking ass.

yeah. i just have wayyyyy too much excess energy right now, i don't know what to do with it, i feel like i could start a circus.

my bosses took me out to lunch, then had a small party for me with CAKE and i feel really good but kinda teary eyed about the whole thing. i'm leaving. yeah. and i'm probably talking about it too much but this is the biggest self-motivated change i've ever made in my life. everything else i've just, you know, slipped into. and now i'm doing something. yep. it's scary, but exhilirating, and i haven't even started yet. i just want to bounce into walls, i want a moon bounce or something, maybe a trampoline. eeeee eeeeee eeeeee eeeeee. yeah.

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You're totally going to kick ass!

And for excess energy, I recommend turning on the digital music to the "Party Favorites" channel and dancing like you got the Holy Ghost on you. Or maybe not.

(At least you'll have plenty of vim for mashing topatoes.)

Congratulations and good luck! ^^

I hope things go well for you. ^_^

As you from crimes would pardon'd be,
Let your indulgence set me free.

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