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CLosing time
cap, captain miss america
I bought pictures frames to put the pictures I drew for my bosses in.

The pics are here:


Anyway, I couldn't find large enough frames so i cut the pics down to 8x10. My hands shook so much I could barely hold the scissors. They're still shaking, it's a little hard to type.

I have to figure out how to give my bosses their pictures without bawling my eyes out.

I'm cleaning out my desk and papers and stuff right now.

I've accumulated a lot of crap in three years. I;m the one people come to for pain killers, hand lotion...I don't know whether to bring it home or leave it for people to use.

I collected change, fortune cookie fortunes, Chinese Food sauce packs, plastic utensils, and napkins like they were going out of style.

And paychecks. I managed the not-unimpressive feat, I think, of saving just about half of what I've made over the past three years. Which is why I can do this now. I've been pretty frugal-- the only things I don't skimp on are food, books, and gifts, with the occasional expenditure for fuzzy clothes.

I just found an old notebook-- containing my first ever sketches of Aiko-- the ones I drew while I was trying to figure out the character as I wrote the profile, a really crappy drawing of Asa, and a bunch of other old sketches. So I'll be taking that home.

Yeah. That kind of got to me a little more than it should.

as all things must surely have to end, and great loves will one day have to part, i know that i am meant for this world.

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I love that last drawing the best!
If I were in your shoes, I'd definately start bawling. I probably wouldn't even be able to clean out my desk without getting all choked up. But, what a great opportunity to focus on your writing!

I utterly love that drawing of James. ^_^

Me too.

And you don't want me to say anything about the emotional aspect here, because I will just, uh, annoy you. Even more than I am right now.

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